Quit Playing The Comparison Game!

Contributed By Samantha Zeigler, Author / Owner of Running and Cupcakes
You know what I’m talking about, we’re all guilty of it. We look at other women and we compare ourselves – she’s so much skinnier than me, she’s so much more fit than me, etc…
Stephanie, the brains behind Project 10, asked me in the early stages of the project to write with her about women, women’s bodies, and why we torture ourselves with the constant comparisons. As an advocate for a healthy body image, I gladly jumped at the idea.
We’re using ourselves as the examples for this message. Here we stand in Stephanie’s back yard:
The first thing that may stand out to you is that I’m significantly taller than Stephanie – I’m 5’5”, she’s 5’.
What you cannot tell from this picture is that Stephanie and I both weigh just about the same – 135 pounds.
A little bit of history:
Stephanie has 4 children! As all of you mommy’s out there know – bearing children changes your body in a multitude of ways. Not to mention that she had them all via c-section, which reallychanges your body. My mother had me and my brother via c-section, and has also had her tubes tied, and so I know from her experiences how difficult it is for her to lose weight in her mid section and to tone the area due to all the scar tissue.
I, obviously, have no children. So, there’s no comparison, now is there?
And another thing…
Stephanie and I started on our fitness journey at the exact same time. We both ran the 2010 Cox Rhode Races 5k.
I was instantly hooked on running – and you all know where that has taken me! From 5k to marathon to personal trainer, all in 2 years.
Stephanie is taking a more slow and steady approach – but again, she has 4 children. She also home schools her kids, so she’s a busy lady!
So now what would you think if I had just thrown that picture of the two of us up here and said “Stop comparing your bodies to the bodies of others.” Without any of this background information, you’d have nothing to go on.
And that, ladies (and gentlemen) is exactly my point.
Without background information
This is why we cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the comparison game. It is an unhealthy, evil mind game that no one should get involved in.
We’re all different, unique, individuals. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
Whenever a negative, comparing thought enters your mind – squish it. Replace it with positivity and remember YOU are UNIQUE.
Will you join me and Stephanie on sharing this very important message with everyone? The next time you look at someone who you think is thinner/fitter/prettier than you – stop for a minute, and think of something great about you – and remember, you don’t know that person’s history.
Don’t forget to pay Stephanie a visit today and see what she has to say about this topic!

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