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Contributed By Amanda Loudin, Author / Owner of Miss Zippy
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I’m doing two triathlons this season, one as part of Team Fight, which benefits the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. I’d support this organization no matter what, because it is a fantastic one, focusing on a demographic that is often left without the proper resources when faced with cancer. But I also have personal reasons for joining this fight.
I told you in a post late last February that I lost my brother-in-law Dale to cancer. He had just turned 44 and was a father to four, a husband, a son, a brother. He was the nicest of the nice guys and it still breaks my heart to think of what he went through the last three years of his life. Cancer robbed him of his quality of life on so many fronts. I watched his downward spiral as the disease found new ways to attack him until ultimately, it won.
Dale was lucky in that he had a big support system. When he became too sick to hold a job, he and his family were ok thanks to his amazing wife who somehow managed to do it all during this impossible time. He also had the emotional support that he needed from friends and family. But I know many others young people facing cancer aren’t as lucky. That’s where the Ulman Fund fills in the blanks.

So now I want to help Ulman help those that don’t have the support system Dale had. And I need your help with this, too. Here’s the deal: For every $10 you donate to Team Fight, you’ll get an entry to a raffle to win this amazing collection of goodies. All of this was donated for this cause specifically by some of the great product partners I’ve worked with over the years. Check it out:
From my favorite women’s clothing maker, Oiselle, two t-shirts.
From Outside PR, a boatload of GU products, three pairs of Injinji socks, and a coupon for a RoadID.
From Chickbands, a set of four headbands.
From Bill Katovsky, the book 1,001 Pearls of Runners’ Wisdom.
I think you’ll agree, this is a pretty sweet package of goods. Don’t miss out on a chance to win it–go HERE and make a donation. Team Fight would love to have you on board and so would I. Thanks in advance.

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