Free & Affordable Fat Loss Meal Plan

Adjust Food Amounts & Choices Based On Your Required Calories (Based On Goals, Weight, Food Preferences, Metabolism, Dietary Restrictions, History, Supplements, etc). This is just a suggestion not medical advice

Average Healthy Weight Loss Per Week w/ Workouts: .5-1 lbs per week

-These are "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" labels relative to your schedule, when you wake up and go to sleep etc.
-Snack #3 an hour or 2 before sleep if possible. No junk or large quantities right before sleep!
-Feel free to sub out skim milk for soy milk, or light vanilla soy milk, 1% milk is acceptable
-Keep the non-perishable snacks and foods listed here everywhere: car, briefcase, gym bag, desk, apartment. Always have on hand if needed!!
-Make the non-perishable meals the night before if you need, grill up chicken a lot at once so you have for the whole week
-Extra decaf green tea couldn't hurt!
-Lots of water throughout the day! Always have a bottle on hand

-Large cup of coffee w/ skim milk
-3-4 Eggs or Egg Whites (can use liquid egg whites aka Egg Beaters or generic) + Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheese
-Bowl of Oatmeal with fruit slices (banana, blueberries) and cinnamon, 
-8-12 oz glass of Skim or soy milk

Snack #1:
-TBSP of Natural Peanut Butter (Tedy)
-Fruit (apple, orange, banana, something convenient)
-Veggies if desired and available

-Tuna on whole wheat, Kraft Fat Free Cheese, Smart Balance Light Mayo, Lettuce
-Green Tea

Snack #2:
-Handful of sunflower seeds
-Handful of Kashi Heart To Heart Warm Cinnamon cereal
-Green Tea

-Spinach Salad, Grilled Chicken, Light Dressing, Tomatoes, Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheese
-Sweet Potato or 1 cup brown rice

Snack #3:
-12 oz Glass of Skim Milk + 1/2 Scoop of Whey or Casein Protein Powder

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