My Reebok Story, ZigTechs Isometrics, & Shoe Review! #GetAfterIt @Reebok

Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! It's the Techmaster of Isometrics here with another great pair of Reebok videos for ya to help you Get After It this holiday season and start off the new year right! If you don't know my story by now, here goes: Many moons ago I wore New Balance shoes for awhile and they were ok. Then I got even cheaper and bought awful shoes from PayLess Shoes and permanently wrecked my right ankle (Champion brand, not that I'm saying Champion gear or Payless shoes are always bad, but in this case they didn't work out too well.) I was advised not to run, do calf raises, or any plyometrics anymore (this was 6 years ago). I didn't run for many years, and my athletic training, leg training, and  cardio in general completely fell apart to the point where I was winded walking up a flight of stairs or walking half a mile.

I started to slowly get back into walking and running with Under Armour shoes since I liked some of their products. They were expensive and their quality was mediocre at least for my needs. One of their Proto Speed shoes didn't even provide forefoot ventilation, it was nasty! Finally, I started wearing Reeboks RealFlex, ZigLite, and ZigTech and my right ankle was being cushioned and protected as it needed to be. My half run / half walks at about 10 minute mile pace became full runs at around 8 minute mile pace! My ankle is barely noticeable after a run instead of causing me to limp around for hours afterwards. I am now training for my first 5K at 7 minute mile pace thanks to them! I ran my first Warrior Dash and I loved it so much I ran another! I did my first CrossFit WODs! I even get more ankle support and cushion when I am doing my squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, cardio, and plyometrics! Thank you Reebok for helping me Get After my health and fitness.

#GetAfterIt @Reebok

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