Stay Off The Sidelines: Top 3 Easily-Avoided Sports Injuries

how to stay off the sidelines avoid sports injuries

Injury: The word that athletes in all sports throughout the world dread to hear. If you are active as an athlete of any level, or even a fitness enthusiast, there is a chance that you could suffer an injury. In some cases, the injury may be minor and your sports physical therapy specialist will only recommend some rest to recover from it. However, some injuries may be severe enough that you need surgery as a means of fixing the damage done to your body. What are some sports or athletic injuries that you can avoid through routine safety measures? 

Make Sure To Wear Goggles Or Glasses 

Wearing goggles or some other protective equipment on your eyes and face can prevent injuries to those parts of your body. In hockey or baseball, it is easy to take a puck or ball to the face or to be hit with a stick or bat. It is also easy to get poked in the eye or get debris in your eyes, nose or mouth if they are not protected. 

Avoid Muscle Injuries By Stretching Properly 

Stretching before any type of athletic event will get your muscles loose, which can avoid cramps, strains and complete tears. Stretching may also help you perform better as you can run, jump and cut better when your muscles aren't cold or knotted. In addition to stretching, you should make a point to be properly hydrated before, during running a race or playing in a game. 

Good Technique Can Prevent Head Injuries 

You should never lead in with your head or attempt to make a tackle with your head or neck. Furthermore, you should wear a helmet in any situation that may involve making contact with a ball or another human being. Youth athletes should be made to wear helmets that come with cages to protect the face and neck as well as the head. 

What If You Do Need Surgery? 

Despite your best efforts, it may be necessary to go in for surgery to repair a torn muscle, a broken bone or a head injury. Fortunately, doctors who are trained in sports medicine can use advanced techniques to ensure that you recover from your injury as soon as possible. Quick treatment may make it possible for you to get back to playing at the same level as you did before getting hurt. 


Sports are supposed to be fun and a good way to stay in shape. However, if you aren't properly protecting yourself, you could find yourself out of action for days, weeks or months at a time. Therefore, make it a point to have basic protection whenever you are competing in any athletics.

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