5 Exercises That Can Help You Recover from Injuries

exercises help recover from injuries

You know just as everyone does that staying active is a paramount part of maintaining health and physical aptitude. However, what do you do when an injury hinders your exercise after an accident? The only way you can quickly recover from your injury and get back to your normal life is through exercise. 

Performing physical tasks every day stimulates your body’s immunity by releasing anti-inflammatory cytokines, which assist in building and repairing injured muscle tissue. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should engage in any type of exercise. You should carefully choose exercises that will guarantee complete recovery, fast and efficiently, without causing further bodily harm. Choosing depends on the part of the body that has suffered from an injury. Let’s take a closer look on the physical exercises and activities that can help you while nursing an injury

1. Myofascial Release Exercises 

This is an alternative therapy that allows you to stretch your fascia with less or no therapist’s help. It involves the use of foam roller that allows you to stretch the following parts: 

• Adductor muscles 
• Abdominal crunch 
• Calf muscles 
• Hamstring muscles 
• Lower Abs 
• Quadriceps 

This therapy treats skeletal muscle immobility and pain in these areas by relaxing them and increasing circulation of blood. Consequently, this type of exercise restores flexibility and relieves pain after injury. 

2. Knee Mobility Exercises 

This exercise is carried out soon after an injury, when the pain has slightly subsided. It is among the most important physical activities you should consider if you want to restore motion without increasing tissue damage. The depth of carrying out such exercise depends on the severity of the injury and its type. You can start with simple joint movements, which help flex the joints. Others include: 

• Heel slides 
• Prolonged knee extension 
• Assisted knee flexion 
• Prolonged knee flexion 

All these exercises are used to increased flexibility, knee extension, and mobility after an injury or surgery. Prolonged knee flexion and prolonged knee extension, for example, are both used early in the rehabilitation to regain full extension and movement after an injury. 

3. Hip & Groin Exercises 

Injuries such as groin strain and hip stretches are hard to recover from. However, with proper exercises, you can overcome these injuries and resume a normal life. Early stage hip and groin injury, for instance, helps you restore your motion without stressing tissues in your groin. The first thing you can do towards recovery is always to try moving the joint. You can advance by gently stretching the joint while trying to balance the tissues, and finally return to full strength. 

4. Back Exercises 

Back injuries are common nowadays, for people who participate in different activities. With this in mind, prevention of back problems and injuries are often advocated by fitness professionals. For those who are unsure of the right exercises, it is important to get advice before engaging in practices as some might make the situation worse. Some common back exercises are: 

• Dorsal Raise 
• Bent Over Row 
• Dumbbell Pullover and 
• Single Arm Row 

These exercises are used to strengthen palates and flex the back muscles while recovering from back problems. 

5. Isometric Shoulder Exercises 

Injuries including shoulders need an accurate diagnosis and exercises for a complete rehabilitation to be realized. Shoulder rehabilitation exercises are gradual with early stages involving slow movements to prevent severe injuries from recurring. This is meant to stabilize the girdle and blade. The isometric shoulder exercises are performed on immobile object that provides the necessary resistance. You can use this in the early rehabilitation stages when shoulder pain is still felt. 

Rehab Right

If you have any worries or concerns that you feel should be addressed, you should probably visit your fitness doctor for advice. You should also seek consultation from your personal injury attorney, regarding the right exercise, for your type of injury. This will help you get compensation for a negligent accident, making your recovery as comfortable as possible.

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