Foods You Should Never Consume Before Workouts

Being aware of the possible effects of the food that you are eating is your responsibility. If you are an athlete, choosing the food with the best protein content or having the very best protein powder is very important. However, it should also be considered that aside from the protein content, other factors can also affect how you will be performing. If you are into cycling or other fitness activities then you need to eat something healthy. This kind of sport is a bit intense and you really need to stuff yourself with so much energy for you to finish your ride. To help you prepare your meal, here are some of the foods that you should not be eating before your bike rides or other workouts: 

Soft Drinks 

If you are going to ask the experts, they would recommend that you just drink water. Soft drinks, and energy drinks for that matter, should not be a part of every athlete’s list of beverages because it can be a reason for you not to finish your exercise routine. First, it contains so much sugar that may give you rush on the first minutes of your cycling but will surely wear out on the next hour. It will make you feel weak. Aside from that, the acid content of soft drinks may harm you and may even give you the feeling of discomfort. Imagine if you have already gone halfway and you feel like there is so much air inside your stomach. It will be a reason for you not to go any further. Soft drinks are not recommended especially if you have not eaten your meal yet. It will also not do you any favors if you are trying to lose weight or get healthier.

Jelly Or Cream-Filled Donuts

 If you want to add more on your carbohydrates before heading to work or going somewhere else, donuts are not really part of the good options. If you will look at the practicality of not eating donut filled with jelly or cream, you will realize that it is something that should not be disputed. If you are about to drive to the gym or go on a bike ride for example and you want to eat something and this is the only option available, it may affect you in a way that you will not be able to drive safely. I am talking about the cream that can be placed in your hand and in your clothes. Most cream-filled donuts are served hot. It is not really convenient for you to eat it inside your car anyways even if it was acceptable nutrition. Eating too many donuts is the opposite of taking care of yourself.

Chocolate-Covered Or Iced Energy Bars 

Energy bars are surely made for you to be more prepared during the day. However, if you are going for a drive or a ride in your bike, you should skip this because it can make you feel uncomfortable. Though it promises to help you but it does not work effectively because it contains more fats and sugar. These are dangerous contents that will not be helpful in achieving your goal to finish your ride. 


Whether you are a rider or just an ordinary driver, beverages with alcohol content is not recommended before the ride. And for athletes, it is strictly provided that alcohol should be taken in moderation if you do not want it to affect your performance. Firstly, alcohol can make you feel weaker. It will inhibit you from performing well. Aside from that, it can also slow down muscle recovery. As a rider, you need foods that can easily build your muscles. You should avoid those kinds of beverages that can be harmful to your health. Alcohol also adds additional bodyfat.


There is a special reason why you should not be eating pasta before a ride. First, it does not contain the nutrients you need to add to your energy requirement. Since this is a processed food, it lacks the needed vitamins and minerals. It is not really recommended for athletes to eat food that are not natural. Secondly, pasta can make you feel full and heavy. And worst, you might feel sleepy and relaxed. This is bad especially if you are preparing for a ride. There are other options that you can consider such as black rice, quinoa, or wheat bread. 

French Fries Or Fried Chicken 

These are the worst food that you should never add in your list. French fries and fried chicken are greasy. It does not give you much energy. And it can also make you feel uncomfortable. The fat content of these two foods is very high. It will not be perfect for your goal to lessen unneeded fats and build your muscles. It will only add up to the fats that you need to get rid of. 

Being careful in choosing your food will not only lead to a more successful workout but will also help you feel more confident about yourself. What you eat determines who you are. Being picky will save you from the different illnesses and other unhealthy conditions. 

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