Am I An Addict? The Not So Obvious Warning Signs of Addiction

am i an addict warning signs of addiction to drugs and alcohol

Addiction is a serious concern in our world today, with 4% of adolescents in the United States (aged 12-17) suffering from some sort of substance abuse. This is a staggering number, and we want to provide a guide on how to tell if someone is on drugs. Could you be one of these many people addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Am I an addict, and do I need Drug Rehab Toronto to help me break my addiction?

Subtle Addiction Symptoms

Please keep in mind that different drugs prompt different reactions in every person. These are just some tips on what might be a side effect of addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out and get help. 

1. The first sign you might have an addiction is when you continue to use the medication after the original diagnosis has passed. This could be if you're in a car accident and suffer minor cuts, or even whiplash, and continue to take the medication after the pain has subsided. 

2. If you have to take more than the recommended dosage to feel the effects. Your body has built up a tolerance and is now requiring a higher dosage to react. This is an addiction.

3. You can't stop taking the medication, even when the diagnosis has subsided. You know that you don't have the pain anymore, but you can't help the desire to take one more pill. It's only one more, what could hurt? 

These are not the only signs of addiction, but they are some of the more subtle symptoms. People don't always realize they have an addiction problem when they exhibit one of these three symptoms. 
Children and adolescents are at a higher risk for these since they aren't aware of the side effects or reactions to continuing to take a medication. The adult may not realize that the child doesn't need the medicine any longer, and the child may not realize that the addiction is what's causing them to feel like they need it.

Warning Signs in Children

Diagnosing a child with an addiction is never easy. It's a scary thought to have, but it does happen. The worst thing we can do is think "that will never happen to me" because it absolutely can. 

While it's not always the case, some drastic behavioral changes may indicate something other than natural growth into adulthood. Some signs of drug abuse may include: 

  • Constantly asking for money
  • Disappearing from home or school for long periods of time
  • Neglecting their appearance (not brushing teeth, not combing hair, sloppy attire)
  • Fidgety or quick movement

If your child is exhibiting these behaviors, please seek help immediately.

Effects of Drug Abuse

We know the symptoms, but what kind of ill-effects will our friends or loved ones suffer from addiction?   

There are plenty of side effects while taking drugs including poor physical appearance, lethargy, lack of interest, poor diet. What happens after a drug addiction?

There are side effects that can continue with an addict even years after conquering their addiction. 

  • Heart conditions
  • Liver damage and/or failure
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Lung damage
  • Memory or cognitive issues

These are just a few of the possible long term side effects associated with illicit drug use, and any other type of addiction. 

Am I An Addict?

The sad reality is that about 5.1 million young adults suffered from some sort of substance abuse and addiction in the past year. That is an astonishing number, that we want to work on reducing. 

Only about 19% of the estimated 20.7 million people received some sort of treatment for their addiction last year. There are numerous treatment facilities and organizations asking to help these individuals, and we would like to see that percentage grow. 

Addiction is treatable, but only when the addict is ready to give up their substance. 

If you show signs of any of the below mentioned symptoms, please reach out and get help immediately. 

  • You've lost interest in things you once loved
  • You constantly think about when you're going to "use" again
  • You hide the substance or its effects from your friends and loved ones
  • You have had a drastic change in weight
  • When visiting someone, you check in their medicine cabinet to see what kinds of prescriptions they have
  • Excessive or non-existent sleep 

How Do I Get Help?

We have linked a few resources to help you if you need immediate assistance with your addiction. But if you're looking for long term tips and help, please continue to read our list. 


Reaching out to a church or organization can provide a huge support system to individuals suffering from addiction. 

We at Cross Television offer the world's largest library of Christian media content. We strive to help those who have any type of need, addiction or not. 

Rehab Centers

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab centers exist to help those who are suffering from addiction get the help they need. Treatment and recovery is not a "one size fits all" situation, every person is different. Canadian Addiction Rehab is the best place for drug rehab and alcohol rehab.

Detox Programs

These are programs that walk the patient through detox, usually before the rehab center. Detoxing from an addiction is hard, but having a support group that specializes in it is going to make the transition a little bit easier. Addiction Rehab Toronto can help you to detox with top drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs.


There are various different types of therapies for addiction, including medical, holistic, and psychodynamic. Do your research, ask questions, and make sure the therapy is going to be what you're specifically looking for. 

Addiction And Rehab Conclusion

It's never easy admitting that you or someone you love has an addiction. There are people out there that want to help you get through this. If you're still asking yourself, "am I an addict?", just remember that recovery is possible, and you can overcome the addiction!

The statistics show that we are in a crisis of addiction, and something needs to be done about it. Please use any of the references in this post to get help at drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers or other healthy medical treatment locations in Toronto Canada.

If you are looking into getting help with addiction, please consider watching a video about the importance of Transition Ministry and how it can lend a helping hand to you in this process.

Please feel free to use our tools provided on Cross TV, or reach out to a local religious group with any other questions you might have. We are here for you!

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