Excellent Egyptian Egg Salad Recipe

egyptian egg salad recipe

Want a meal that looks like a million bucks, tastes like a million bucks but only costs a few frugal bucks? How about a meal that is full of protein, antioxidants, fiber, heart healthy fats, and other nutrients? Want to walk like an Egyptian and eat like one too? Well look no further than an excellent Egyptian egg salad for your next frugal meal! 

This recipe for eggs-cellent Egyptian egg salad blends together fava beans, egg, and the rich flavors received from cumin, garlic, lemon, and tahini to make this frugal healthy dish much more than just your standard salad. 

Recipe Prep Time: 15 Min 

Recipe Ingredients

• 3 large and finely chopped garlic cloves 
• 2 large eggs 
• 2 Little Gem lettuces cut into wedges 
• 2 tomatoes cut into wedges 
• 1 fresh lemon juiced
• 1 chopped red onion 
• 1 tbsp of tahini 
• 1 tbsp of rapeseed oil 
• 1 tsp of ground cumin 
• ½ a tsp of cumin seeds 
• 400g can of fava beans with juice reserved 
• Sprinkle dried chili flakes 
• Roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley 

Cooking Instructions

1. Start by bringing a pan of water to the boil, before lowering in the two eggs and boiling them for eight minutes. 

2. Drain the eggs and run them under a cold tap to cool them slightly, before peeling and halving them. 

3. Mix three tablespoons of water, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and the tahini to create the dressing. 

4. Heat the rapeseed oil and then fry both the garlic and the onion for five minutes to soften them. 

5. Add the ground cumin and seeds into the frying pan, stirring them briefly before adding the beans. 

6. Lightly crush some of the beans as they gain heat, then add some of the juice from the can of beans so that you receive a creamy consistency. A few of the beans should be kept whole during this stage. 

7. Add some lemon juice and a little bit of seasoning to taste. 

8. Spoon the beans onto plates along with the lettuce, adding the eggs and tomatoes next, and finally the tahini dressing, chili, and parsley. 

Now it is time to eat so you can get in that protein! Eat exceptionally like you are in Egypt. Enjoy the excellent Egyptian Egg Salad recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!

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