9 Reasons To Love Tea Drinks

reasons to love tea drinks

In so many of the world's top cities, drinking tea is a very common way of maintaining the body's hydration level. Tea is a generally accepted liquid that is consumed all over the world albeit its origin can be traced to East Asia. This universal beverage is prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves. Tea is the second most popular liquid in the world. Water holds down the number one spot as it is a universal solvent. 

There are different flavors, types, and brands of tea and each brand has its peculiar properties. Several billions of teacups are consumed annually in so many countries of the world, and this goes to show that there are so many medical and health benefits that can be derived from this liquid. In fact, tea can liberate you from any critical illness. 

9 Top Reasons To Love Tea 

1. Steam Facial 

Everybody wants a good skin, isn't it? Steaming of the face is an age long practice that is aimed at removing blackheads and dirt. Steaming your face with tea (mainly green tea) is a right way of keeping your face hydrated and detoxifying your pores. Black tea also does an excellent job of minimizing puffiness and clearing acne. 

2. Eye Soak 

Conjunctivitis and other eye problems are very uncomfortable and contagious. They have this watery, swollen and scratchy feeling. Black tea is a handy way of combating this problem. It contains caffeine for tackling undereye circles and the earlier the treatment begins, the better for the victim. Black tea bags help to reduce inflammation and soothe irritation. 

3. Hair Health

Internal and external use of tea can help improve your hair health. Green tea, white tea, black tea has all been tried and tested to produce excellent results on the human hair. Green tea helps to prevent the thinning of hair as well as encouraging hair growth. By massaging your scalp with freshly brewed tea, you are increasing your chances of hair growth because more blood will circulate to the scalp. Tea can also prevent the irritation and inflammation of the scalp as well as preventing hair follicles from clogging. Tea also contains polyphenols that help to keep the hair shiny. Sage tea works against the growth of grey hair. 

4. Freshens Breath

Green tea has antioxidizing properties that makes it useful for eliminating bad breath. It works by cleaning the mouth of every form of bacteria. Green tea completely inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and strep throat. Black tea also contains polyphenols that reduces the odor produced by mouth bacteria. 

5. Aids Digestion 

Some type of tea acts as mild laxatives and for correction of digestive problems. For instance, dandelion tea can cure stomach upset and indigestion. Also chamomile tea is a proven solution for constipation, intestinal gas problems and other digestive problems. Peppermint tea is also good for bloating and nausea. However, before you include any type of green or herbal tea in your diet, you must talk to your doctor about it. 

6. Reduces Stress 

Certain types of tea are good for stress, insomnia and anxiety. Drinking tea is a potent ritual for relaxation because it contains an amino acid that reduces stress. The aroma and scent of tea is also a potent mood booster. Peppermint tea is also known to provide an overall calming effect. 

7. Calorie Free 

So many individuals are looking for ways to shed weight and burn fat. Due to this, they avoid certain type of food and drinks. Tea does not contain extra calories. In fact, some kind of tea such as kratom tea is good for weight loss. 

8. Hydrates Your Body

Just like water, tea can solve dehydration problems. There is a school of thought that drinking two to three cups of tea daily is as effective as drinking an equal volume of water. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, tea contains antioxidants which are useful for the body. However, this is not enough reason for you to replace tea with water, they can actually complement each other's effort. 

9. Reduces Appetite

Tea can help to reduce appetite. For instance, green tea is a potent appetite suppressant as it contains catechins which impedes the growth of fat cells and minimize how fat is stored. It can also control the level of sugar in the blood and this invariably leads to reduced hunger or food cravings. Caffeine also reduces appetite naturally while increasing your metabolism.

Regular tea consumption, especially green tea, can also work wonders for your immune system and recovery by eliminating free radicals. The health benefits of tea just keep coming and coming!

I hope you enjoyed this article about reasons why tea can make you healthier on a tight budget.

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