How Men Should Dress At A Garden Wedding

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The whole focus of fashion, in general, is focused on girls. And obviously, it is important to know all the rules when it comes to choosing a perfect party dress. However, in this process, men are always forgotten, who enter an endless cycle of confusion because they do not fully understand the dress codes in these special celebrations. 

If you are in this process of looking for the ideal styling, then here we help you with some tips on how to dress the male guests in a garden wedding. Take note! 

As you may have noticed, many of the bridal couples are committed to carrying out their wedding on an outdoor stage, and although some of them prefer the beach as the perfect setting, there are also couples who have dreamed for a long time to get married in a garden. In that case, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect dress for the event. 

#1: Pay Attention To The Weather 

It is most likely not cold, but always try to check the weather to know how the weather will be in the destination. If the wedding is in the garden and during the day, the most common thing is that the temperature is warm, so it will be very common to find those who do not even carry sack to the event. It is to be understood that weddings of this type, by the nature of their conception and the schedule in which they are celebrated, tend to be more natural and without so much complication. For that reason, you can opt for dress pants, a shirt (always long sleeves) and a pair of shoes that match. 

#2: Think Carefully About What Colors You Have Left 

Although this does not seem a natural process on the part of men, it is vital to think of a range of tones that is harmonious and that, in turn, is consistent with the personality of the person wearing them. For a garden wedding, the best is concentrated in light colors. Crude tones are also essential so you can coexist with the weather without dying of heat, or without feeling uncomfortable. You should carefully take note of this! 

#3: Light Fabrics, Please! 

Regardless of whether it is on the beach or in the garden, it is most likely that the sun is with everything at the time of the ceremony or reception, so it is best that you bet on light colors and fabrics that are light. Do not think about wearing a heavy suit for anything in the world, because not only will you look out of place, but you will probably feel that life is going away with so much heat and so much material in between. 

On the contrary, we recommend you to bet on a good white cotton shirt. What is vital is that the tissues are vaporous so you can keep cool throughout the day. 

#4: And If It Is Night Time, Here Is What To Do

If the wedding is in the garden and at night, then the dress code changes a little and here it is important that you consider the option of wearing a full suit, a very good shirt and a tie. The range of colors can be more flexible, although it is always perfect that you opt for a suit in navy blue, a tone that suits everyone and that, moreover, is the most elegant and versatile. However, whether it is a wedding during the day or night, never forget to complement your dressing with a good wristwatch. It adds glamour and elegance to your personality. Choose one of the bell and ross watches and stylishly add it to your dressing. 

#5: Mistakes You Should NOT Make 

It is assumed that a garden wedding, by nature, is more casual; However, it is still a wedding and, therefore, elegance must be present. So, for nothing in the world should you go for jeans, casual shirts and, of course, completely forget the fact of wearing tennis shoes or sandals. Although you must be very faithful to your style and personality, you must also respect the context of this type of event in order to be part of the style equation of the couple. Your presence is very important, and therefore you must take care of how you dress. 

#6: Tips That Can Help You 

 Communicate with the couple if you have any questions regarding the dress code 

 If you do not want to wear a jacket, try how you look with a vest that matches the other garments 

 Always think about looking comfortable and with the right fabrics (you can ask for advice from a professional) 

 If you want to look prettier, ask what is the range of colors of the wedding so you can dress according to those tones 

 Do not be afraid to try intense tones, especially if the wedding is in the garden, including your wristwatch

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