4 Tips On Printing Choices For Printed Marquees

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With custom printed marquees or branded gazebos, you can be rest assured that you will be turning heads and grabbing eyeballs at all sort of events. These versatile canopies help your business stand out from the pack and also give them much needed exposure in the meantime. 

And here are four pro tips to make the most out of that brand exposure: 

4 Tips To Maximize Exposure

1. Light Up The Logo

Make sure that your logo is seen easily on the branded gazebo that you will be stationing on the event day. Your logo is the graphical identity of your business, and more and more people must take a look at it. To ensure that, you can get your name and logo printed in bold and preferably a large font size. However, caution must be exercised while selecting the fonts as they need to be the same as in your logo so that your marquee does not look like a counterfeit of your own business. 

2. Play With Colours

One thing that you can be certain about is that every business will be on their ‘A’ game at a trade fair. To gain an edge over them, you can use bright colours to improve aesthetics and visibility of your branded gazebo. Make sure that you are certain about the colours, their shades and intensity that you want on your custom printed marquee. It is in your best interest to keep it down to 2-3 colours, or else it might look a little intimidating. 

3. Cut To The Chase

Never go overboard with your branding message as it can have an antagonistic effect on your customers. On the contrary, a short, crisp and quirky message can garner quick attention and drive the masses towards your tent. The goal is to be professional yet quirky, and it can be achieved subtly with due diligence. 

With that said, there are four techniques employed by professional marquee makers depending on a customer’s need, budget and other specific requirements for printing branded gazebos, they are: 

4 Techniques For Customers' Customized Needs

1. Direct Printing

Direct printing or DTG ( Direct to garment) printing is when designs are emblazoned directly upon the garments employing water-based inks with the help of ink-jet printers. 

The fabric or garment are heated during the pre-printing phase and then coated with the ink to facilitate better absorption of the ink. 

Direct to fabric printing requires a minimalistic setup that can be sampled quickly and more cheaply than screen printing. As you can see, it is just a one-step process. Thus the turnaround time is also relatively less. 

Direct to garment printing leaves very little waste since the printer directly works on the canopy fabric – therefore, less energy is consumed. So if you are looking for a value for money, pocket-friendly, quick one-off print, you should opt for direct printing. 

2. Screen Printing

Screen printed marquee tents are extremely popular amongst the marquee enthusiasts as bigger areas can be printed upon at the same time, economically. This technique is used to bulk produce printed marquee walls, logos, texts, slogans, and graphic artworks. 

It involves designing screens for every colour from the artwork, a single screen can be used for printing repeatedly. Thus it is used for producing printed marquee tents in bulk. 

Marquee screen printing ensures superior quality of finishing because the ink lies within the fabric layer and thus easily visible on darker fabrics as well. 

Screen printed marquees have quite a thick print (up to 20 microns) ensuring a rich finish. This technique can be employed to print on canvasses as large as 3x4 meters at one go. Not only canvasses but anything like plastic, metal, acrylic, and wood that can fit the printers can be embossed upon by screen printing. 

Marquee screen printing is beneficial in the long run owing to their good light resilience. Greater ink thickness and composition ensure that the print can withstand greater stress without compromising on print quality. 

3. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is a chemical process where solid changes into a gas without passing through the liquid stage and that is exactly how ink is embossed upon the fabric using this technique. 

Since there is no liquid involved, there is no need to dry off the print. 

Sublimation printer first imprints a mirror image of the content or design that is to be printed and then it is transferred upon a fabric. Both, the paper and fabric undergo a heat press which sublimates the solid print into a gaseous state that permeates the pores of the fabric that open due to heat. The fabric is then cooled for the pores to close so that the ink can be a solid once again. This when the fabric and ink become one. 

Dye sublimation produces a continuous print tone. This projects brighter and smoother colours on the fabric of your printed canopy, which is far better than what an ink-jet printer can manage. 

Also since the dye is deeply embedded in the fabrics of the printed marquee, the designs or artwork embossed remain permanent. This ensures that your branded gazebo can withstand the toughest of times and weathers. 

Sublimation printing can be employed to print a variety of designs, artworks, colours, shades etc. that other forms of printing do not allow. 

4. UV Printing

UV printing is a photochemical process that uses ultraviolet light to digitally print logos, graphics, artwork, and content over almost any surface which can fit in the printer. 

UV printers use mercury, quartz, or LED lights for curing instead of heat. High-intensity UV lights distribute the special ink evenly on the printing medium. 

UV printing can be done on 3-D objects, curved surfaces etc. Once the printing is over with, the surface or medium do not require the application of any protective film or coating, making them readily available for finishing. 

This is the flagship of the printing industry and produces the most premium prints that money can buy. The UV prints are smear-resistant and can last up to 3-5 years outdoors and almost 10 years indoors. These prints are eco-friendly and can be completed in real quick time. 


Conduct thorough research before you opt to buy a printed canopy regarding the technology, instrument and rates per square foot charged by your supplier. And in case you are looking for state of the art, stylish, reliable and economical printing, contact Extreme Marquees. They are manufacturers of some of the best-printed marquees in Australia. Call 1300 850 832 or visit Extreme Marquees for more details.

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