3 Top SBI Mutual Funds To Invest In To Maximize Returns

top sbi mutual funds invest get maximum return on investments

When stepping into the world of investing, you are likely to be boggled by the number of choices available. The first and foremost question that comes to mind is a rather obvious one - “which are the best mutual funds to invest in?” Do they suit your budget, your risk appetite or your preference for a lock-in period? Mutual funds are attracting an increasing number of investors, yet uncertainties and partial knowledge lead to either delayed, or worse, flawed decisions. In such scenarios, it’s prudent to simply zero in on the top performing and most reputed fund houses in the market - like SBI Mutual funds. 

One of the top mutual funds with a variety of products for investors, SBI Mutual Funds hold about $24 billion across more than 340 stocks. They are fairly diversified too - with the finance sector making up about 39% of assets followed by technology at 9.5%, as per a report by Livemint. The funds thus have a strong financial standing, credibility and trustworthiness. 

The next step would involve locating the best performing funds within fund houses. Let’s begin by looking at the top 3 mutual funds from SBI. Remember to focus on a few pointers while making investments in mutual funds - your choice of mutual fund should be based on your financial goals, investment horizon, and risk profile. So: 

1. Say you have modest financial goals you would like to achieve within five years. In such cases, a debt mutual fund schemes may be a suitable choice. If there are long term goals stretching beyond five years, hybrid or equity schemes could pay handsomely. If the lock-in period of the funds can be stretched to 10 or more years, riskier options like a mid-cap or small-cap mutual fund schemes should be a choice worth looking into. 

2. Next comes the element of risk. Not all equity mutual funds are risky and not all debt mutual funds safe. A small cap scheme is riskier than a multi-cap or large-cap mutual scheme. Holding on to one’s investment depends a lot on one’s risk-taking capability. 

Let us now take a tour of SBI mutual funds - What do they constitute? How can you invest in SBI mutual funds? What are the top three choices to get a high ROI for long-term investing or day trading

What Are SBI Mutual Funds And How To Invest In Them? 

The SBI Mutual Trust Company is a joint venture between State Bank of India and Amundi, a European Asset Management Company. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, the offerings from SBI MF consistently offer the simplest procedures to invest in their funds. With basic KYC formalities and verification, you can get access to all their mutual fund schemes and pick to your liking. 

Types Of Mutual Funds Offered By SBI 

SBI MF offers a host of plans and schemes that aim to cater to a large number of investors. A quick look at some of these SBI mutual fund options: 

#1 - SBI Equity Funds are structured such that investors can gain long-term appreciation via shares and stocks of top-rated companies. Of course, these investments are made after thorough research, based on the consistency of performance of these assets. These funds involve high risk and high returns. 

#2 - SBI Tax Saving Funds, as their name suggests, involve investing in equity shares that provide tax deductions under 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

#3 - SBI Debt Funds are meant for investors looking to play it safe. These funds offer lower return prospects and are available in various options like commercial papers, government bonds, treasury bills and certificates of deposit. 

#4 - SBI Hybrid Mutual Funds offer a portfolio of securities in which an investor may consider investing in a customized or tailored blend of equity and debt. These funds offer an eclectic mix of various asset classes. 

The Top Three SBI Mutual Funds You Should Look At 

Recommendations for mutual funds should be objective and based on data. Looking at the numbers, the top three SBI MFs that have generated maximum returns in the recent past, are: 

#1 - SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund: A hybrid mutual fund of the Arbitrage type, it features a lock-in period of one year. It has delivered returns higher than 6% annually, and for up to 10 years it provides 7.14% of returns. 

#2 - SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund: A banking equity mutual fund with a return of 16% between 2018-19, this one has consistently outperformed its peers and indices since inception. Between 2016-2023, this investment delivered annual returns of over 18%. 

#3 - SBI Bluechip Fund: An equity large-cap fund, this one stands out for its strong returns and relatively lower risk. It delivered nearly 10% (9.86%, to be precise) between 2018-2022, with 10 years from the same vantage point working out to over 11.33%. It is a solid investment by any standard going into 2022 or 2023. 

SBI MF features an active and vibrant management at work for its investors. Comprehensive experience, coupled with expertise in mutual funds has culminated in them playing an active role as advisors to pension funds, financial institutions and asset management companies. 


The schemes from SBI Mutual Funds are run based on empirical research, and even carry a CRISIL rating. Before you take that big leap towards putting your money in mutual funds, inform yourself. Analyze data, use a SIP calculator estimate your returns, and zero in on the best performing mutual funds like those from SBI MF.

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