6 Reasons To See A Dentist Every 6 Months

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Putting off a visit to the dentist is not uncommon, but it is never a good idea. In fact, your appointment with the dentist should be one of the most important in your calendar. Unfortunately, many people only visit the dentist when they have an issue with their teeth, but a dental appointment is about more than treating problems. It’s also essential in terms of maintaining good oral health, preventing serious issues from developing and identifying related health issues which may not be evident without a dentist’s attention. Here are six crucial reasons why you should see your dentist at least every six months. 

1. Identify Plaque, Tartar & Cavities 

You may think that as long as you brush and floss your teeth twice a day your mouth will be protected from the build-up of plaque. However, there are small places in the mouth which cannot be cleaned without professional help. If plaque is allowed to build up, it will eventually solidify and become tartar, which you need a dentist to remove effectively. A regular professional cleaning will prevent this tartar from forming and causing erosion in your teeth, which leads to cavities. Cavities are not usually evident until the damage has been done, and they start to hurt. Attending the dentist for regular cleanings will prevent destructive plaque, tartar, and cavities. 

2. Prevent Gum Disease 

Allowing plaque and tartar to build up in the mouth can also lead to problems with your gums when they lead to infection. This infection can cause the tooth and the gum to separate as the gum breaks down. This is gingivitis, which is when you may notice pain, swelling, and bleeding from the gum. The disease can also cause the bone which holds the teeth in place to break down, which is when teeth can fall out. Make an appointment now at https://riverwalkdental.ca/

3. Catch Bad Habits Early 

You may have developed bad habits over the years, which are damaging your oral health. For example, over-brushing, grinding teeth, biting nails, clenching the jaw, eating sugary foods, smoking, and even drinking coffee. A regular check-up with a dentist will give the dentist an opportunity to identify your bad habits, treat existing damage, and suggest how you can adapt your lifestyle to stop further damage. 

4. Discover Hidden Issues With X-Rays 

Part of a check-up with the dentist should include X-Rays which will show up any issues which are forming below the surface which the naked eye cannot see. This could be problems with impacted teeth which cannot pass through the gum line, jawbone damage, decaying bone, tumors, or cysts. These issues need to be identified as soon as possible to treat them effectively. 

5. Checking Neck, Jaw And Lymph Nodes 

A dentist will not only check your teeth but will also check your neck, jaw, and lymph nodes for swelling or lumps. Abnormalities could suggest a significant health issue, including cancer or other diseases which need to be investigated by another medical professional as soon as possible. 

6. Detect Oral Cancer Early 

Oral cancer is often not detected until it has progressed to a dangerous stage, but it can be identified relatively simply by a dentist. Dentists know what symptoms and signs they are looking for through a non-invasive and quick exam. If detected early, oral cancer is very treatable.

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