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Your very first home should be a unique and cozy place that you can call your own with pride. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for whatever properties are in your area if you build your home from the ground up. Consider some reasons why a customized home is an excellent choice for you and your family. 

A home is a family possession, an object of loving pride. Designing a home stylishly and properly remains a passion for all home owners. While various styles maybe adopted to design a home stylishly, sticking to certain basics makes the design look attractive as always. 

Conservatory Design Ideas 

A home is a family possession, an object of loving pride. Designing a home stylishly and properly remains a passion for all home owners. While various styles maybe adopted to design a home stylishly, sticking to certain basics makes the design look attractive as always. So certain design ideas, however conservative they seem always work in making the home stylish and attractive in the eyes of the owner as well as visitors. Designing the conservatory is necessary since it is the part of the home where visitors generally sit and hence designing it properly and stylishly is needed. Certain ideas of designing the conservatory if followed can yield wonderful results. Using light The idea of hanging a mirror in the hallway in order to brighten up the ambiance always works because it makes the area seem more lightened up and more spacious, thus making one feel better the moment he or she steps into the hallway. The idea is to make the visitor or the owner, feel better every time he or she steps into the conservatory. And hanging a mirror is one of the basic ways of rejuvenating the hallway. 

The hallway must also be cleverly colored so that it always feels brightened up and gives out a feel good effect. Whichever color is used in coloring the hallway must be vibrant and joyous, so that the effect is properly felt. If matching fabrics and accessories are used, the effect becomes stronger and the hallway looks even more attractive. Since hallways are famously known for generating the first impression about the house, there must always be a sense of welcome associated with them. And hence a proper carpet is a must for hallways. A cool and serene shade always gives visitors the sense of familiarity and should be the preferred choice when it comes to the color of the carpet. 

Natural Light 

A conservatory should always use as much natural light as possible. The staircase leading towards upstairs from the conservatory should be light and airy in nature so that anyone using the staircase feels comfortable while going up. The light and airy nature should provide the much needed comfort. The paneling for hallways is very crucial as people tend to notice the paneling when using the hallways. So the paneling too should be colorful and vibrant. A colorful paneling is also advantageous in the sense that it helps to conceal any sort of damages or unwanted appearances in the hallway. The hallway of a conservatory must look attractive and colorful and installing parquet flooring makes the hallway even further attractive. However small a hallway is, parquet flooring makes it look spacious and much more interesting than ordinary flooring. The hallway must be smart in its looks and all the structures must not block the passage and hamper the sense of spaciousness prevailing. Cupboards and other structures must be cleverly built so that they do not take up much space and hamper the attractiveness related to the conservatory and the hallway. 

Using designed tiles is also a good way of decorating the hallway. The decorative tiles ensure that the hallway remains a cherished part of the home since designed tiles, with proper woodwork ensure that the hallway looks even more attractive. If one wants the hallway to be attractive solely to the eyes, using bright wallpaper as a part of the decoration can be a good option. Creatively using bright wallpapers ensure that the walls of the hallway do not look dull. These are few ideas that can be used to decorate conservatories and hallways and ensure that their attractiveness always remains intact.


If you wish to get the interior renovation done for your home then you need to be aware of the latest design trends. The home interior design services in London make you aware of the best trends and are even helpful in accommodating your wishes into the design. Here is a list of kitchen interior design trends that you must ensure that your home interior design service provider is following Make a special wall Forget the boring kitchens that look too simple. Kitchens are normally light in colors to make space look bigger. However, adding a special wall can make them look more appealing. Choose which wall you want to highlight and give it the desired look using wallpapers or tiles. If you get bored of the looks quite often the wallpapers can do wonders for you. Textured walls Give a texture to a specific wall. Get it done with the help of special paints and taking the services from home interior design service providers. They will give your kitchen a completely different look. Depending upon the furniture in your kitchen, you can give a wooden texture or an antique finish or modern finish to a wall. Make sure that you choose a texture that will enhance the look of your kitchen and not make it dull. Metal in your kitchen Metals are always good for your kitchen. They can be cleaned easily and instantly give your kitchen a more beautiful look. Home interior design services suggest that copper is trending these days. Try to have more of copper related items or metallic items in your kitchen. They are sure to make your cooking space more royal and classic. You can have them in the form of handles, shelves, lamp holders or even wall clocks to give your kitchen a metallic touch. 

Open shelves There are times when you might not feel like cleaning your kitchen and want to dump everything inside the cupboard. However, open shelves are always a better option if you want to make your kitchen look beautiful. Not the entire kitchen should be left open but most of the shelves can be left open. This will make your kitchen look more spacious and you will always have an urge to keep it clean. Merging kitchen If you are taking the help of home interior design services then they will always insist you for open kitchen. This way, your kitchen will look more spacious. You can merge the kitchen furniture with the furniture of the area just outside it. This makes your home look modern and the time you spend in the kitchen does not seem too boring any longer. A blend of modern and traditional It is always a great idea to have the right blend of modern and traditional look at your home. The same applies to your kitchen too. If the kitchen has traditional furniture then the walls and the appliances can be given a modern theme. If you have a modern themed kitchen then making a wall themed as a brick wall will make your kitchen look good.

Final Thoughts On Custom Home Design

More people are now making the decision to build a custom home over purchasing a pre-existing model house. If given the chance, many people would love to build a home that suits their preferences. Making an investment in a customized home design is a wise choice that will benefit your family for generations to come. Last but not least, if you happen to be moving to Singapore and need a contractor for your new home, just do a quick search on design and build contractors singapore and you'll be spoilt with options!

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