Yes, You Can Wear Makeup With Your Rosacea

makeup for rosacea

When you live with rosacea, makeup can be a struggle. Certain ingredients and types of makeup can irritate your skin and trigger breakouts. Other times, trying to cover up your redness can just make your complexion look uneven. The good news is that having rosacea doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup – it just means that you need to be conscious of the products you use. In all honesty, everyone could stand to be a little bit more aware when buying their makeup products. 

Shelves are packed with makeup for rosacea sufferers; you just need to know what it is that you are looking for: 

Brands: Find Companies Who Work With Dermatologists 

Some brands like IT Cosmetics – which aptly stands for Innovative Technology Cosmetics – actually work with dermatologists to create makeup that will moisturize, treat and help improve skin conditions like rosacea and even acne. 

For example, IT Cosmetics’ Celebration Foundation and Bye Bye Redness Erasing Correcting Powder are both packed with nourishing ingredients like peptides and offer full long lasting coverage that won’t crease or crack over the day. 

IT Cosmetics co-founder Jamie Kern Lima battles with rosacea and has spoken openly about how the brand works with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create formulas that cover and help reduce breakouts. Do your research to find brands like IT Cosmetics that actually create products geared towards colour correcting and moisturizing. 

Skin Type: Sensitive 

Opt for products that are specifically designed for those with sensitive skin to avoid irritation and redness. Sensitive skin care and beauty products are a lot easier on the skin and tend to be much more nourishing. 

Primer: Go Green 

According to the Natural Rosacea Society, a green-tinted primer can make a great base for your makeup. This is because it can even your skin tone and visually reduce some of your redness. 

Lips: Keep It Neutral 

If you are battling redness, opt for nude lipstick shades. You will likely want to skip red shades that will draw attention to your facial redness. 

Foundation & Concealer: Skip The Oil 

Oily products can irritate your skin and cause rosacea flare ups. If you are looking for a product for coverage purposes like foundation or concealer, choose the one that is oil-free. This will even out your skin tone, without clogging your pores. 

Cleanser: Be Gentle 

Using a rough cleanser can irritate your skin, which is why it’s important to find a mild cleanser and apply it gently. Cleanse your face twice a day and pat your face clean gently. 

Blush: Prep Your Skin 

Most people with rosacea avoid blush at all costs, but blush can actually help your complexion if applied properly. If you are planning to add pigment to your skin, you want to neutralize the existing pigment. To do this, use an oil-free concealer or foundation to prime your skin. 

According to Allure, the best blush shades for those with rosacea are ones without red or pink hues. Makeup artist Allan AvandaƱo shared with the beauty publication that he recommends soft coral and peach shades instead. 

Ingredients: Anti Inflammatory 

When you are shopping for your beauty products, keep an eye out for skincare ingredients that are anti-inflammatory – these products won’t only help you conceal your redness, but their anti-inflammatory properties will help keep your flushing down.

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