9 Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in the U.S.

best dispensaries recreational marijuana u.s.

New recreational dispensaries continue to pop up on street corners across the country. With more states becoming legalized, this has sparked growth for cannabis tourism. This type of vacation travel has even increased by 51% over the past few years.  

These tourists enjoy visiting cool new dispensaries in popular destinations. These shops not only sell the greatest selection of marijuana products. They also create unique and exciting experiences.

So, which cannabis-selling spots offer the coolest experience for their recreational customers? Here is our list of the best dispensaries to visit in America. 

9 Top Cannabis Dispensaries In America

1. Harvest, California

San Fran is an area where you won't have any trouble finding a cannabis dispensary. California is the birthplace of the first dispensary in America. 

Since then, many innovative places have opened up shops around the bay area. Harvest is considered the best weed dispensary by many locals. They have a few different locations in California.  

This shop does a great job of supporting local marijuana growers. They feature a  curated collection of all-natural products.

Harvest offers a huge range of strains and different products to enjoy. This includes edibles, concentrates, topicals, and other cannabis-infused treats.   

They boast a counter-free environment. This lets customers roam about the store and get the full experience. Harvest is also known for its super knowledgeable budtenders.  

Their shop even has a members-only lounge for smoking and vaping. It's complete with WiFi, music, TV, and gaming tables. 

2. Farma, Oregon

Looking for the best dispensary around downtown Portland? Many people will point you straight to Farma.  

This shop is more of a sophisticated cannabis purveyor. Their interiors were designed by a famous architect. Yet, they still sell cannabis for different types of consumers. 

They offer a variety of pre-rolls of unique strains to make for an easy shopping experience. They also sell cool branded gifts and souvenirs. 

3. High Expedition, Alaska

High Expedition may be the best marijuana dispensary for the full Alaskan experience. It's located in the town of Talkeetna, a few hours outside of Anchorage. 

This rustic-themed dispensary provides a log cabin ambiance and mountain views. Their location provides a one-of-a-kind experience with some excellent-sourced cannabis. You also have the opportunity to see the northern lights after your visit. 

The shop even features a mountain climbing museum inside. This pays homage to their historic location. 

High Expedition also sells pipes carved by local artists and swag with their brand printed on it. You can find different types of CBD products for people and pets as well.  

4. Lucy Sky, Colorado

Denver has no shortage of unique recreational weed dispensaries. Lucy Sky offers a  boutique environment with a warm and inviting ambiance.  

They place value on educating their customers for the best possible experience. Their employees are even called "cannabis advisors" instead of the usual budtenders. 

Their brand has expanded to include different locations around the state. Lucy Sky features top-shelf strains and a variety of rare offerings. This includes partnering with Tommy Chong to create a signature strain.  

The dispensary also offers great weekly deals. Travelers should take advantage of their early bird specials. 

5. Planet 13, Nevada

This 40,000 square foot dispensary is a Las Vegas cannabis superstore. Planet 13 boasts the world's biggest recreational marijuana store. 

They have an excellent selection of flowers, edibles and concentrates. Planet 13 even has its own exclusive strains. The superstore is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Planet 13 Holdings is one of the best dispensaries for an entertainment experience. Their complex features laser art, outdoor water installations, and aerial orb shows. You'll also enjoy their LED lotus flower displays and interactive flooring. 

6. New England Treatment Access, Massachusettes

NETA is one of the top marijuana dispensaries in the Boston area. It features a beautiful and historic dispensary in a refurbished bank space. 

NETA offers all your favorite products, with daily menu updates. They also have an impressive edibles selection.  

This dispensary has an online feature for reserving your orders ahead of time. They even grow their own products in an indoor state-of-the-art facility. Here they produce over 50 high-quality strains.

7. Silverpeak, Colorado

This dispensary is in Aspen, near the Rocky Mountains. It offers a different style of shopping experience and superior service. Silverpeak is where you go to get a dose of luxury hospitality in a cannabis environment. 

They pride themselves on selling the highest-quality products and accessories. Silverpeak has an impressive collection of high-end brands of salves, creams, and lotions. 

Silverpeak High Valley Farm is where they grow their cannabis. Their facility uses sustainable growing and hand-harvesting techniques.  

They use a fresh mountain-air filtration system that helps remove contaminants. This results in the purest cannabis products for their customers.   

8. Have a Heart, Washington

Have a Heart features different locations in Seattle, as well as around the country.  One of their most popular locations is in Skyway, right near the airport. 

Their dispensary brand supports local marijuana growers and the community. They also have an online ordering system for added convenience. Cannabis supporter, Snoop Dogg, has even visited their location near Renton. 

9. Tokyo Starfish, Oregon

Visit this dispensary in Bend for a unique desert ambiance. It offers small-town vibes, with superior and friendly service.   

They have a great selection and competitive prices. This makes them a favorite among locals and tourists. 

Tokyo Starfish even features a bud and breakfast experience. Their shop offers overnight accommodations for out-of-town travelers.

Visiting the Best Dispensaries in America

The best dispensaries take the customer experience to a whole new level. They offer a variety of unique strains and cannabis products. Their staff are experts in the industry and provide superior service. 

When traveling to new dispensary destinations, remember to include other experiences as well. This includes marijuana bus tours, graffiti walking tours, and herbology tours. You can even attend cannabis-inspired classes for painting, yoga, cooking, and sushi-making. 

Looking for more tips on the best places to visit for unique travel experiences? Check out the travel section of our blog for more ways to cure your wanderlust. 

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