Free Ways To Get Fit

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On the surface, it can appear that getting fit is expensive. Between pricey equipment or gym memberships, fancy workout clothes, fitness trackers and more you can pay a small fortune before you’ve burned your first calorie. However, it doesn’t have to be this way- there are lots of ways you can stay fit without spending a penny. Here are some examples. 

Dust Off Your Bike 

Cycling is one of the best ways to get fit. It’s great for building cardiovascular fitness while toning your legs and glutes, even your arms, shoulders and back to a lesser extent. It’s low impact so won’t hurt your joints, and is something that just about anyone can do. Most of us have a bike somewhere in the back of the shed, or know someone that does who isn’t using it. Drag it back out, pump up the tyres and you have a fast, free way to lose weight, tone up and improve your fitness. You could use your bike to run errands or get to work instead of taking the car, or you could pop it in the back of your car and take it into the countryside or park if you want more scenic places to ride. 

Find Free Exercise Equipment 

Exercise equipment is often being given away for free online. People tend to buy it with the best of intentions, but after a little while find that it’s gathering dust and not being used. If you’re serious about getting fit you can use this to your advantage, so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook marketplace and other sites where local freebies are listed. 

Maybe you’ll snag a weights bench or some kettlebells, kettlebell workouts for weight loss are really effective. You might find an exercise bike, some resistance bands, a treadmill or abdominal workout equipment all being given away to the first taker. Over time you could build up your own little home gym purely from exercise items that people have given away for nothing. 

Incorporate Walking Into Your Day 

Walking is one of the best activities you can do. It costs nothing and pretty much exercises your whole body. It’s convenient and easy, but you can up the difficulty by walking faster or up hills. Take your dog on a long walk, or go out with your kids on a nature walk. Go on a day out where you naturally do a lot of walking without even thinking about. Walk to work, or to friends' houses instead of jumping in the car. If you feel sluggish at first you’ll quickly start to feel a difference and within a few weeks your cardiovascular fitness will be up and your muscles will have improved meaning walking will be much easier. 

Try Home Workouts 

Finally, we live in an age where we can do just about everything online- and we’re lucky to have thousands of great workout routines for free on sites like YouTube. Workouts that incorporate bodyweight exercises or that use inexpensive equipment like a skipping rope or hula hoop can help you burn calories and feel great without having to spend a lot of money. You could do yoga and stretching workouts, circuits, weight lifting exercises if you already have the equipment and so much more. 

Use What You Have For Workouts

If you don’t have expensive workout clothes just use what you have, any cotton t-shirt, leggings, jogging bottoms or a pair of shorts will do the job. If you don’t have hundreds to invest in a fitness tracker, utilize free apps on your phone. They won’t have all the features but can track things like distance and pace. See what you can borrow or get for free, or just use what you already have. There doesn’t need to be a barrier to exercise, as long as you’re up on your feet and moving around and hopefully having some fun in the process you’ll be doing your body some good. Go to the beach and walk on the sand, sign up to run a half marathon to raise money for charity, have a water fight and run around with your kids in the garden- it all adds up. 

Get Fit For Free With Frugal Fitness

At we are here to help you get in shape on any budget! What sort of activities do you do that don’t cost you a thing but help to keep you fit? Tweet us #FrugalFitness or comment on our Frugal Fitness Facebook Group with your favorite frugal workouts and affordable exercises. 

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