How The Shangri La Network Is Developing In Eastern Europe

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If you are a game fan and at least once visited a casino, then you cannot help but know what Shangri La is. This is a luxurious establishments network operating around the world, several branches are also in Eastern Europe. Game houses operate in Tbilisi, Yerevan, Minsk and Riga. 

The network is managed by the international regulator Storm International, and the talented manager of Storm International, Darren Keane, is responsible for the development of the network. A Shangri La feature is a strict corporate policy and special rules that apply in all casinos operating under this brand. 

The scope and luxury prevailing in the Shangri La establishments are amazing. They are decorated in the same art deco style with carefully selected furniture, decor, materials. The halls are covered with luxurious carpets, and the furniture is made of expensive wood varieties. It is pleasant and comfortable to be here, because the casino provides everything for relaxation and entertainment. For those who want to make large bets, while remaining incognito, closed VIP zones work. The casino’s staff provides the highest service, here you can completely relax and surrender to the big game. 

There are 4 establishments in Eastern Europe: in the capitals of Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Latvia. The very first Shangri La casino was opened in Moscow in 1992. At that time in the CIS, and in Moscow in particular, there were no such luxury casinos, so it immediately gained fame and became popular. In addition, the first casino in Moscow was equipped in the best Shangri La traditions, which means it was fashionable and luxurious, somewhat reminiscent of Las Vegas casinos. The establishment successfully worked in the Russian Federation capital until 2009, but then it was moved due to new Russian legislation that prohibited the gaming business in Moscow. 

But this was not an obstacle, but rather served as an impetus for the network expansion in the CIS. In 2008, a casino was opened in Armenia. The Yerevan unit design was done by the Academy of Arts professors. As always, the halls are decorated in a luxurious style inherent in all casinos. The Yerevan unit peculiarity is the national cuisine, which attracts not only players, but also gourmets. There is a poker club and international tournaments. Each winner receives a golden champion bracelet. 

In 2009, a new casino opened in Minsk, in fact, it was an establishment that moved from Moscow. Most of the regular customers “moved” with them. Now you can get from Moscow to Minsk by plane in just an hour and spend an unforgettable weekend in the best casino in Belarus. The complex is located in a separate building, its "trick" is a glass cube installed next door. In the cube is the main season prize, which, with some luck, can win and immediately pick up any guest. Cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles and other prizes are raffled off. Minsk branch receives the status of the best casino for six years in a row! 

In 2012, another Shangri La casino was opened in the capital of Georgia. It is located in one of the best places in the city, in its old part. Near the unit you can see the Bridge of Peace, which attracts thousands of tourists. The halls are decorated in the best brand traditions, the decor and interior elements are carefully selected. The unit has several Golden Brand awards, become the best casino in Tbilisi and hosts thousands of guests, many of whom fly here solely for the gaming sake and luxurious relaxation. 

A few years later in 2017, the fourth Shangri La, Darren Keane said, - SL Casino Riga - was opened. It is located on the Grand Hotel Kempinski territory and covers an area of about 600 square meters. The casino operates in accordance with the strict Shangri La rules, guests are guaranteed the highest service level, a pleasant atmosphere, an interesting game. For VIP clients, a free check- in, transfer from the airport and back, as well as other "bonuses" are provided.

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