Benefits And Results Of Facial Contouring

benefits facial contouring surgical results

Facial Contouring Overview 

Also referred to as facial sculpting, facial contouring is a surgical procedure done on the face for cosmetic reasons, to improve its aesthetic and general appearance. The procedure is becoming very popular in many countries. Generally, the objectives of the procedure are to improve the proportions of the face and all of its features as well as make it smaller than before. If you're interested in body contouring services, facial rejuvenation as well as weight loss in Las Vegas, Star Body practice is the place to visit. Facial contouring can improve the facial outline and make a person's face look more balanced. 

The Ideal Candidate 

Any adult who desires to improve the general appearance of their face or to contour specific areas of their facial features can take advantage of facial sculpting. For female patients, the main goal of going through the procedure is to make the features of the face softer and more feminine, while men undergo the procedure to make their faces more chiseled and create a more masculine appearance. The procedure is also beneficial to those with unappealing features such as sagging facial skin, due to aging or otherwise, which makes a person's face lose its original contour. Individuals with the following features usually undergo the procedure; a square jaw, asymmetrical mouth, protruding chin, mouth or cheeks, and receding chin. 

The Procedure 

A facial sculpting procedure is done while the patient is under general anesthesia. The patient would have undergone imaging scans such as CT scan, in order to obtain images of the soft tissues and the bones in the face. This will serve as a guide for the surgeon as they perform the surgery. The procedure usually takes time, as it requires several changes to be made in order to achieve a proportionate look. Most of the facial sculpting procedures revolve around the nose, lips, cheeks, forehead or cheekbones. Because of this range of procedures, there is no standard technique for facial contouring. Each treatment is customized to the individual needs of that person. Most of the time, the procedure would be a combination of different facial sculpting techniques and cosmetic surgical procedures such as brow lifts, fat removal, jaw bone reduction, facial liposuction, and graft and tissue transfers among others. 

A majority of the cuts are made between the cheek mucosa and the gum or inside the mouth. Making these incisions will give the surgeon access to most tissues and parts of the face such as the jaw bone, and will allow the scar to be hidden. A facial contouring surgery can take anywhere from three to five hours, depending on the amount of work that has to be done. The patient will need to be hospitalized for a few more days in order to be closely monitored. If non-absorbable stitches have been used, the patient will be forced to return after two weeks for removal. 

Risks And Complications 

Facial contouring surgeries involve cuts and incisions, which place the patient at risk of infections and scarring. With patients who undergo implant surgery and fat removal, infection tends to be more common. Scar tissue is more associated with facial implants, as the scars are usually formed with abnormal immune system response. This response causes the scar tissue to grow around the implant, changing the shape of the implant and negatively affecting the results.

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