How A Daily Workout Can Solve Your Body Problem

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People complaining of low energy levels, muscle stiffness, low back and neck pain, etc. are increasing day by day. Many of us have even accepted these issues as part of our life. Many a time we don't even bother to visit any doctor. In the long term, these smaller problems get converted into major body problems. One important thing that we overlook is that most of these body problems are due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Eating junk food, little or zero workout, improper sleep, incorrect posture, etc. are some examples of living an unhealthy lifestyle. 

What if I tell you that there is a very simple solution available that will help you in preventing such body problems. And most of us already know it. Well, the answer is regular exercise or any other physical activity. Yes, we all know that exercise keeps our body, mind, and soul healthy. 

Many people think that only overweight people need to exercise regularly. It's not true. Regular exercise is beneficial for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Exercise is good for our heart, brain, muscles, bones, and joints. People who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet have lesser chances of getting ill as compared to those who don't exercise. 

If you want to keep yourself physically and mentally fit and want to avoid body problems like joint pains, stiffness, back pain, hypertension, weight issue, insomnia, stress, etc. follow one golden rule. EXERCISE REGULARLY. 

If you are still not convinced, keep reading. 

1. Positive Effects Of Regular Exercise On Our Body 

We all know that burning calories help in weight loss. What could be a better way to burn calories other than regular exercise. The number of calories burnt is directly proportional to the intensity of the workout. A healthy diet and regular workout go hand-in-hand as far as controlling weight or reducing weight are concerned. 

Going to a gym is always a good option for a workout, but it's not the only option. Doing physical activity is more important. It can be done in any form. Running, jogging, dancing, aerobics, yoga, playing outdoor games, etc., are only a few examples of physical activities. Each of these activities results in burning calories. 

Besides the above-mentioned physical activities, there are other ways in which you can burn some of those extra calories. For this, you just have to replace some of your existing habits with new ones. Like taking stairs instead of the escalator, walking, or riding a bicycle instead of a car for shorter distances, etc. No matter whichever physical activity you chose, one thing that is mandatory to get a fruitful result is 'consistency.' Just be regular with your workout regime. 

2. Exercise Boosts Energy 

Blood carries oxygen in the body. Exercise increases blood circulation in the entire body. As a result, cells get more oxygen. Regular exercise increases muscle strength. Exercise increases our muscle endurance, which further helps in preventing muscle pains, reducing stress and fatigue. Studies have shown that regular physical activities boost energy levels in the body. 

In the initial stages of your physical activity, you might get tired soon. Don't give up. Continue with your exercise regime, and within a few days, you would find them less tiresome. With time, our body gets accustomed to our daily workout routine, and we would feel energized and physically fit. 

3. Stronger Resilience 

The graph of our life is full of ups and downs. To survive in this world, we face various challenges in our lifetime. These challenges can be physical, emotional, and even mental. In extreme situations, we even give up and become victims of bad habits like smoking, alcohol, or drugs. Once addicted, it becomes tough to leave such addictions. These habits are bad for our physical as well as mental well-being. 

A healthy way to cope with the stress during such a situation is to get involved in any kind of physical activity. Exercise or physical activity not only relaxes our mind but also helps in clearing out negative thoughts. We can think better with a clear and calm mind. 

4. Maintains Immune Functioning 

How often we get sick depends a lot on how strong is our immune system. Our immune system not only fights infections but also helps in fighting stress. With age, our immune system becomes weak. Studies have shown that people who do regular exercise have a stronger immune system as compared to those who don't. Exercise boosts the cells that fight with the infection. 

Hence if you want to prevent cold, cough, seasonal fever, or other bacterial infection, exercise regularly and increase your body's immunity. 

5. Builds Aerobic Power 

Aerobic power of the body refers to the maximum capacity of the body to work by breathing on oxygen and taking it to various tissues of the body. 

Studies have shown that every year, our body aerobic power reduces by 1%. Hence, by the age of 70 years, our body's aerobic power gets reduced by 30%. Studies have shown that long and short term exercise can reduce this loss by almost 50%. This itself gives us a very good reason to do a workout regularly. 

6. Keeps Bones Strong 

With age, our bones become become weaker. As per studies, around 1% of bone mineral is lost by our body. Regular exercise helps in keeping our bones strong. If the aim of the exercise is strengthening bones, then you should go for resistance training. These training sessions focus on weight lifting. If you are planning to start resistance training, it's better to do it under the guidance of a professional trainer. Initial Resistance training sessions start with lighter weights, which are increased with time until our body reaches its maximum capacity to lift the weight. 

7. Exercise Promotes Better Sleep 

Exercise improves sleep quality. If you exercise during the daytime, you will enjoy good sleep during the night. However, doing exercise before going to bed is highly avoidable. Peaceful and quality sleep is essential for our body. It prepares our body and mind to carry out next day chores.

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