5 Big Benefits Of Working From Home - Remote Work Advantages

benefits working from home advantages remote work

Working from home or on the go has become much more commonplace over the last couple decades with the internet, and even more normal over the last few years with improved technology. While there are certain challenges presented by working from home, there are a wide variety of benefits. If you are thinking of working from home or starting a home business, here are some of the big benefits to expect:

1. Schedule Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of working from home is the increased flexibility you have in your work and personal schedule. Even if you have to "clock in" on payroll software, you still save many minutes or even hours each day when most people are commuting or getting settled into their office and desk. If you don't have to punch in and account for every minute of your working day, then the flexibility can really increase. You can drive your kids to school, go to the gym, travel, run errands, do yardwork, or any number of things before or during any work task. In some lines of work you are constantly waiting on others to complete tasks, so instead of sitting at your desk waiting you can actually do something productive in the meantime.

2. No Commute

The other obvious big benefit of working from home comes from skipping the often times lengthy, expensive, and mind-numbing daily commute. Some people commute up to 2 hours per day each way, 20 hours per week, and that doesn't include working weekends or air travel. Such a commute can cost hundreds of dollars in gas, tolls, subway passes, and/or parking. It wears down your car, increases your chances of car accidents, requires more automotive maintenance, and reduces your overall income potential. Lengthy commutes have also been shown to be detrimental to mental and physical health, which leads to even greater expense and lower quality of life.

The benefits of skipping all of the commuting chaos is priceless.

3. Stay Out Of Office Politics And Gossip

Sometimes the office or workplace can offer the opportunity for valuable networking, camaraderie, or even lifelong friendships. Some people still meet their significant others at work, even though office romances have become even more risky in recent years. A lot of positive things can come from a face-to-face workspace.

Unfortunately it also offers the trappings of office politics and gossip. It's almost always best to avoid office jokes, petty politics, and gossip that could end up damaging your career, Even people that don't gossip and don't want to participate in office politics can get sucked into it, blamed, and even fired because of it. Skipping or minimizing exposure to office politics and gossip can help keep your career on the right track.

Just remember, even if you are working from home there are office politics and gossip that could be troublesome via email and instant messenger apps.

4. No Need To Worry About Being Or Getting Sick

When you work at an office or other traditional workplace environment, germs get around fast. People get sick and they stay sick, especially when management expects employees to come in no matter what. Workspaces will get you sick, which will end up hurting your productivity and your wallet. And if you are the one that is sick, your coworkers may end up resenting you for showing up in a contagious or coughing condition. Either way, skipping the sickness is another major advantage of working from home.

5. Work-Life Balance & Family Time

Working from home allows you the opportunity to better balance your personal and work life. Sometimes that means taking better care of your health. Other times it might mean taking better care of your family. And other times it might mean having the ability to put even more time and effort into your career. But you can better decide on your priorities and schedule when you work from home, especially as things fluctuate back and forth as they do throughout your life.

Disadvantages Of Working From Home

It's not always sunshine and rainbows working from home as opposed to a more traditional workplace. Some people can't get motivated or organized when working from home or even at a local coffee shop. Others will get too lonely without the workplace camaraderie, most people will feel at least a little lonely or isolated once in awhile. 

And while you may avoid some of the office politics and gossip (usually a good thing), being out of sight and out of mind due to remote work could cost you potential raises or promotions. But that depends on your line of work, your superiors, quality of work and many other factors of course.

Work Well From Home

As you can see, the advantages of working from home usually significantly outweigh the disadvantages. If you are on the fence about working from home, or are looking for a career change involving remote work, it might be the smartest move you'll ever make.

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