Mobile App Business Plan: 5 Reasons Why Every Company Needs One

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Smartphone users spend 90 percent of their mobile device time on apps. They use mobile applications (apps) for shopping, entertainment, news, life documentation, business management, and more.

The brands that capitalize on this trend see the benefits of creating an app for their business.

Through strategic brand design and promotion, they see increased sales and stronger ROI on marketing efforts. You can see these benefits as well if you create the right application for your target customers.

If you’re not sure about creating a mobile app business plan, keep reading. Here are five of the benefits brands and businesses with mobile apps will enjoy.

1. Increased Brand Loyalty

One strategy for creating an app is to spark brand loyalty. Brands like Starbucks and Second Cup have used their apps to reward customers for shopping with them.

By giving customers points for buying from you, you incentivize them to come back.

You can really cash in on this benefit by creating different tiers of rewards and allowing customers to pay through the app.

2. Direct Communication with Customers

When smartphone users download an app, they must sign up with their contact information. This always includes an email.

By getting customers to download your app, you also have the potential to access their inboxes. You can promote sales, new products, business changes, and build excitement for a launch through email.

Of course, the user must consent to you sending them emails like this. So, in the app, ensure the user sees the value of receiving this communication from you.

3. Gather Important Data

Knowledge is key when it comes to target marketing. The more you know about your consumers, the better you can cater your products or services to them.

Apps track all sorts of information about users. You can see what products they buy most through your app and at what time of day.

The information applications provide is invaluable to your future marketing and business plan.

4. Encourage Sales

Apps allow you to encourage sales in ways that websites never will. Because they’re downloaded to mobile devices, you can access consumers on the go.

Push notifications allow you to notify users of a limited-time sale. You can send a 24-hour promo code, for example.

Some companies use push notifications to contact all users who are within a physical distance to their store. This drives local traffic up.

5. Get the Competitive Edge

More and more brands are seeing the benefits of creating an app for their business. However, look in your industry and you’ll notice many brands who haven’t gotten on board.

By creating an app, especially one with custom software, you have a competitive edge over these brands.

You can stay ahead of your competition by being adaptable to new technology. Today’s customers want to use mobile apps, so you need to have one.

Ready to Create Your Mobile App Business Plan?

To thrive in today’s online market, you need to be relevant and current. The most popular brands use mobile applications to engage their customers and encourage more sales.

You can increase your sales, too, with a mobile app business plan. Learn more about designing your mobile application business plan in our Digital Marketing and Tech sections.

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