12 Event Badges To Break the Ice Among Attendees

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We are in the era of the creatives for all things business and events.

The simplest things can be turned into works of art, including event name badges. Events account for $325 billion of direct spending, so planners no longer settle for a sticker tag now that they have bigger budgets.

Do you have an upcoming event and want to do someone fun? Keep reading for 12 event badges that will have your guests engaging with each other in no time.

How to Create Event Name Badges

Today, event planners are turning name tags into ice breaker moments. Keeping in line with branding and themed events, your name tag ideas can cover a range of things.

The thought process behind this new wave is simple. People are not walking around an event trying to read everyone's name tag. In fact, unless someone is speaking to you directly, chances are they aren't interested in knowing who someone it.

By introducing creative name badges, it creates interest. People want to know what the badges say and if you have a shared interest it sparks dialog. 

In most instances, companies have name badges preprinted. For the ideas below, you'll have to go one step further. As part of the registration process include required fields that ask specific questions. 

Use the information to customize the badge and create fun ice breakers. 

12 Event Badges For Better Ice Breakers

1. Who Said That

In this day and age, everyone has a favorite motto or quote.

Underneath the attendee's name, post their favorite quote.

You can choose to put the author's name or leave it blank so people can test their knowledge or simply ask.

2. Three Things About Me

On these corporate name badges, guests provide three things about themselves someone may find interesting.

Telling people you're the CEO of a company isn't quite as interesting as having climbed Kilimanjaro.

3. I Would Lie to You

With this creative name tag idea, guests share two things.

One is the truth and the other is false. People have to ask questions about both before guessing which one is the lie.

Encourage them not to use things that people already know. 

4. Where I'm From

This name badge idea works best at a global conference where attendees may not have a close relationship with each other.

Learning about unique places around the world is always a conversation starter. 

It doesn't matter where you're from, there is someone who may not have ever heard of it or know that one interesting fact about your hometown.

5. Blinged Out

Head over to Michaels or JoAnns and pick-up some self-sticking bling for attendees to bedazzle their lanyards.

Place a small bowl on each table and as guests arrive and take their seats, they can decorate their name tags.

Take it one step further and replace standard lanyards with a nice necklace. This is a nice idea for an all-women empowerment event. 

6. Tell a Story

Not only is it a cool name tag idea, but it is also a purposeful ice breaker.

Color code the badges by the table people are assigned. On their name tag include a few words. Once everyone is seated at the table, they will be charged with combing the words to form an inspiring message.

The host can tell them the ice breaker from the start. To make it more interesting, wait to see if the participants figure it out on their own.

7. My Favorite Things

Similar to some of the other cool name tag ideas, this one will list favorite things the attendees enjoy.

The items can be anything as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate.

Attendees should keep it classy but also fun. Instead of saying your dog, share the dog's name, especially if it's unique. Give the name of a favorite ice cream flavor instead of saying, ice cream.

8. Three Places I've Been

If you're at a conference, chances are you travel a lot.

Ask attendees to provide three places they have visited. Again, don't make it obvious. The places can be a city or a place. 

To make it interesting, narrow it down to a favorite attraction or restaurant in your favorite city. It does not have to be within the US. 

9. College GameDay

There are many self-made millionaires that never attended college—it doesn't mean they don't have a favorite college team.

At motivational conferences, consider doing cool name tags that incorporate college mascots.

There may only be one Ohio State University Buckeyes, but there are plenty of schools that share the same mascots. The object of the ice breaker is to see which college the tiger, bull, or knight represents.

10. Unusual Talent

We all have that one weird thing we can do that our colleagues know nothing about.

Share on your name badge and see how many people ask you to do it right there in the conference center.

Of course, you won't have to, but it could be equally interesting to tell them about it. Plus, the event organizer may not have enough insurance coverage for a fifty-year-old doing a break dancing demonstration.

11. On This Date

On this date, is a fun way to test your guest's knowledge of history.

In fact, the date doesn't have to be a historical reference at all. There are two ways this can work.

One, share the date and let people guess what happened that day. Or post a small snippet and have them guess the date. Double the fun if the guest was born on a historic date.

12. Hashtag Me

A younger audience will love this.

Have guests create a hashtag using four words or less. These cool name tags are sure to create a buzz. It can be a mood, a statement, or just a wacky saying.

Again, keep it classy and professional.

Ready to Break the Ice?

Event name badges can bring out your creativity. There are many ways to turn them into fun ice breakers and games. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and will give the suggestions a try. Learn more tips on business, networking, and event planning by scrolling through the rest of our site!

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