5 Most Popular Promotional Items for Businesses

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When it comes to promotional items there are plenty of different items that you have to choose from, but which are the most popular promotional items? 

There are certain promotional items that people tend to like more than others. It depends on how relevant the promotional item is to their life and if they can use them often. 

Keep reading for our guide to the five most popular promotional items that you can use for your business. 

Top 5 Most Popular Promo Products For Business

1. Drinkware

Out of all of the promotional items that there are to choose from drinkware is probably the most popular that people actually enjoy. You can choose from glasses, tumblers, plastic cups, or even reusable water bottles. There are tons of different options when it comes to drinkware and the best part is that people can actually use them.

When you give promotional items that people can actually use then they're less likely to throw it away. People tend to hang onto promotional items for eight months compared to handing out a business card which usually gets thrown out right away. 

2. Power Banks

If you're really looking for something that your customers and potential clients will love, then giving them a power bank is a great choice. Especially when you have customers who are always on the go and need their phones or other electronic devices, then they will always have a chance to charge them. 

Make sure to get power banks with your logo and contact information on them. That way when clients use their power bank they will always think of you and your company. 

3. Canvas Totes

Canvas tote bags are also a super popular item that you can give as promotional products because they have many different uses. These totes can be used as reusable grocery bags or even a bag to carry around things on a daily basis. 

This is another item that you can put your logo and contact information on so your clients will remember you when they use their canvas bag. You also have many different options when it comes to the customization of your bag. 

4. Business Artwork

Another great promotional product that you can pass out to your customers is an awesome piece of artwork. This is a promotional item that you won't see too often but if you pick the right piece of artwork for your niche, then people will love it. 

There are also many things that you can do to spice up the artwork you're handing out. You can use a raised UV coating to add a different effect to your artwork. This raised coating can add 3D to a football so you can feel the grooves or even add water droplets onto your artwork. 

5. Desk Toys

The last popular promotional item that you should give to your clients is a desk toy. There are many different variations of desk toys that you can give as a promotional product, which you can customize with your logo and information. 

You can give little puzzle games, fidget spinners, or even stress reliever balls as a desk toy. These are all things that people will tend to keep because it can keep them entertained during downtimes at work. 

Most Popular Promotional items

So when it comes to finding the most popular promotional items you have many options. Pick the best promotional items that are cost-efficient to you and ones that you think your clients will enjoy. 

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