EMP Safety: How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack

emp safety how to prepare for a nuclear attack electromagnetic pulse

When most people think of surviving a nuclear attack, they envision a massive explosion, physical devastation, and the inevitable radiation issues. While these are all important factors, people also need to worry about an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) created the explosion.

The EMP could do just as much if not more long-term devastation than the nuclear explosion, but few people understand what it is and how it works. We’ll examine the facets of an EMP and what you can do to protect your family and yourself from its aftereffects.

If there is a attack on American soil or in the atmosphere, you need to know how to prepare for a nuclear attack.

What Happens During a Nuclear Explosion?

There are two ways a nuclear attack can happen. It can be detonated on the ground or in the upper atmosphere. A ground attack would create a devastating explosion that would obliterate almost everything within a few miles of the explosion.

There would be shockwave created by the explosion that would knock down buildings and almost everything else in it’s past. Once the explosion is over, there is radiation exposure based on wind directions and proximity to the blast site.

The blast also creates an EMP that could knock out all electrical equipment within a certain radius of the blast.

If the detonation happens in the atmosphere, then the primary danger would be radiation fallout and the EMP, which could impact a far greater number of devices.

The EMP could knock out power, cars, telecommunications, the Internet and any other electronic devices within its range.

What is an EMP?

An EMP is an energy burst that can impact turned on electrical devices and power stations. It causes a large pulse of electricity to flow through wiring such as power lines or even cell phones.

They can occur naturally through solar storms or through nuclear explosions. The exact impact the EMP would have on society is unknown as there has not been much testing on the situation.

An EMP attack could cause major short-term and long-term chaos by disrupting power and telecommunications systems throughout the nation.

Due to American’s reliance on electronics, the Internet and automated systems, the impact could include a complete shutdown of the electrical grid and infrastructure leading to years of problems.

How an EMP caused by a nuclear attack would impact the United States depends on where it was detonated and the power of the bomb. There are three distinct pulses created during a nuclear explosion.

The first is a blast of electromagnetic radiation created soon after the explosion. This EMP impacts only a small area. The second emp comes soon after the first and is like electromagnetic lightning, which causes little damage.

When the nuclear explosion pushes against the earth’s magnetic field, it creates an EMP that impacts a large area and is the one commonly associated with causing widespread devastation.

How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack

Like any major doomsday scenario, survival depends on your preparation. We’ll discuss what can be done about two main concerns: the blast and radiation.

As with any emergency, you must be prepared to survive for several days or even weeks on your own. This includes a supply of food and water, blankets, flashlights and medication and first-aid supplies, etc. This is simply a disaster preparedness kit that you need for all situations.

If you have enough warning to get into your basement or fallout shelter before the explosion, then be prepared for a large boom followed by the shockwave. Depending on your proximity, your home and anything else above ground could be destroyed.

If you can’t get to the basement, then get under a desk or other surface.

Radiation fallout will be considerable near the blast site and decrease the further out it goes. There is still nuclear fallout in the air and will follow the path of winds in the area. This could extend the range of the fallout for many miles and last for many days or weeks.

It’s best to not go outside unless given the all-clear that the radiation has passed. It’s possible to protect yourself from some radiation by taking iodine pills. If you have or are building a fallout shelter, then you’ll need at least 5 inches of steel, two feet of packed earth, three feet of water or 16 inches of brick to protect from radiation.

You’ll also need an air filtration system or oxygen system independent from outside air as it can bring the radiation into the shelter.

How to Prepare for the EMP

Since the EMP impacts electrical equipment, turn off all necessary equipment prior to the blast. It will keep them from shorting out.

The only thing to protect electronics active during the blast is a Faraday cage. It’s a cage constructed of conductive material that blocks electromagnetic fields. It’s the only thing that can protect electronics from an EMP blast.

You can build one yourself or purchase them pre-made. Once the EMP hits, it could be a martial law situation. It could be weeks or months before some semblance of normality appears and not everyone will be as prepared as you.

When the radiation clears and you exit your shelter, you could run into mobs of people seeking food and shelter or sick and injured people suffering from radiation burns. There could be starving animals that attack on-site and other dangers.

It’s important to be able to protect yourself and your family until law and order can be restored.

You Can Survive a Nuclear Attack

Whether the attack is caused by a foreign nation, terrorists or natural events, preppers can survive a nuclear attack and EMP blast. Follow these prepper tips and you’ll be able to protect your family from one of the deadliest threats to mankind.

You'll know how to prepare for a nuclear attack and save the day. If you would like to no more about preparing for disasters frugally, then please explore the rest of our site.

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