Signs You Need To See A Gynaecologist

signs you need to see a gynaecologist

Seeing A Gynaecologist 

Your reproductive system is one of the most intricate and sensitive parts of your body. A little negligence and you will need to see a doctor for a long time. Go for all the sessions with your gynaecologist without fail. It will go a long way to prevent dealing with significant issues in the future. Over the counter medicines make it possible for people to self-medicate and avoid going to the hospital. However, time and experience have proven that the over the counter medication may not always be useful. Forever remain sensitive to the health of your reproductive system and take action immediately if you see something or feel unhealthy. We have an obgyn in Fairfax to treat your reproductive health problems and ensure you remain productive at work and home. 

Irregular Menstrual Cycle 

Changes in your menstrual cycle occur for various reasons, including hormonal changes. It could signify a pregnancy, especially for a woman during her fertile period. It requires that you visit your doctor to establish the possibility of a pregnancy. However, when you experience heavy flow, it could mean there is a complication. Heavy flow characterized by large-sized clots could show significant difficulties. Heavy blood flow consists of needing to change pads every 30 minutes. 

Vaginal Discharge With An Odour

You should be familiar your normal vaginal discharge and note any changes in the colour, texture, or smell. If you observe any changes, visit your gynaecologist for a consultation. A common vaginal infection includes bacterial vaginosis that makes your vagina produce a fishy smell and a greyish coloured discharge. Yeast infection is another common disease that requires screening at your gynaecologist. 

Pain When Urinating 

Pain while passing urine is a sure sign of a bladder infection. The infection is characterized by blood in urine and a burning sensation. It also manifests by pain in the lower abdomen area. You should see a doctor immediately if you start experiencing these symptoms as it can lead to a more sophisticated infection. You may develop kidney infections that come with nausea, vomiting, and fevers. 

Appearance Of Lesions 

Developing sores around your reproductive organ is an alarm for infections. A sore may develop due to ingrown hair that may be alarming as the possibility of genital warts or herpes. The options prove challenging to differentiate and should not be treated using over the counter medicine. Visit a doctor for an in-depth examination to establish the cause of the sores and provide proper treatment. 

Experiencing Pelvic Pains 

The nature of pelvic pain may manifest as sharp or dull with a bloating of the stomach. Experiencing dull aches and a bloated stomach during your menstruation is a regular occurrence. However, when the symptoms persist over a long period for more than two weeks, make a doctor's appointment. Sharp pelvic pains that attack suddenly and worsen with movement could serve as a sign of complications such as ectopic pregnancies or twisted ovaries. 

Painful Sex 

Many women have experienced painful sex at one time. Natural causes come from lack of lubrication, allergies from latex used in protection, and vaginal tears. However, ignoring the symptoms could spell negligence from possible severe conditions such as fibroids or tumours in the uterus. Make time and see a doctor immediately to confirm or decline the possibility of infection. Visit your gynecologist for this or any of the other above mentioned problems.

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