Top 6 Best Tasting Weed Strains

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Nowadays, buying some weed is like going to the grocery store. It is even possible to enter your credit card information into your smartphone and have pot products delivered to your door.

No longer are we just looking for the cannabis strains with the highest THC contents. Now, we're just as interested in finding good tasting strains. Are you looking for some truly delicious buds?

We did a little research to find the best tasting weed. We're proud to present our results on the most delicious weed around. Read on to see our list of the best-tasting strains for top THC taste.

The Search for the Best Tasting Weed

It seems like just the other day we had to get our buds from the neighborhood 'guy'. We didn't really have much choice when it came to weed flavors.

Tasting cannabis is an acquired skill just like tasting wine and food. Sure, most people can notice a difference between high-quality bud and mids. However, a trained connoisseur can identify a range of notes and other attributes in marijuana strains.

Top 6 Best Tasting Strains 

Hopefully, you'll have the chance to make yourself a little weed flight. There are so many flavors of weed and ways to evaluate their incredible edible characteristics.

If you're wondering where to start, check out this list of the best-tasting marijuana strains.

Strawberry Banana

If you are looking for a 'sweet' weed that's easy to enjoy, strawberry banana is perfect for you. Even casual cannabis users will find this strain to be tasty.

By the time you get over the fruity yet herbal flavors, you'll be overcome with a wave of euphoria and creativity.


Sometimes referred to as sunset sherbert, the sherbet strain is favorite among seasoned experts and hobbyists. 

From the moment you open the jar you can tell that there is something different about this one. A citrusy, fruit wave hits the nose immediately.

Sherbert has a rather complex aroma with notes of pepper, citrus, and berry. Enjoy the sweetness as it eases tension and anxiety.


The previous flavors we mentioned as easy to love. But what do the connoisseurs have to say? There are some flavors that require a more developed palate to appreciate.

Most beginners go for the fruity flavors. However, there is a whole spectrum of floral and other pungent flavors. This is the IPA of cannabis strains.

Lavender is the quintessential floral flavored strain. It is made from strains collected around the world. It features strong peppery and floral notes.

Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin cookies is a difficult strain to find. If you manage to get your hands on some, it's definitely worth the dough.

It has a very pungent smell. Look for a minty and woodsy taste.


Sometimes referred to as Larry Bird, gelato is a respected highly-rated strain. First created by Mr. Sherbinski, Gelato boasts a delicious hoppy and dessert-like aroma.

A Taste of the Good Life

The world of cannabis is rapidly changing and improving. What is commonplace now was thought to be impossible just a few years ago in the world of weed and cannabinoids.

What do you think is the best tasting weed you ever tried? Hopefully, our tasty THC guide will serve as a starting point for your flavor adventure.

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