5 Remarkable Benefits Of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

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Oxygen-ozone therapy has been around for over a hundred years. Despite this, there has been relatively less research compared to other alternative medicine approaches; however, evidence shows its effectiveness in treating chronic conditions. Therefore, if you think that Ozone therapy is the right treatment for you, consider the best regenerative medicine in Caldwell

There are different ways to administer ozone therapy, and only a skilled doctor can tell which option is the best for you. There have been numerous videos across the internet advocating for DIY ozone therapy at home. However, experts advise against administering these injections at home because the wrong dosage could lead to respiratory issues. 

There are several advantages of oxygen-ozone therapy. Here are the five main benefits of this alternative medicine technique. 

Acts As An Immunomodulator 

You must be wondering what this means. People suffering from inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, often experience oxidative stress. This phenomenon is when the oxygen molecules are imbalanced, which then damages the body’s proteins. 

Therefore, with the right dosage, this therapy produces two powerful antioxidants, namely: superoxide dismutase and glutathione. This reaction will then reduce the inflammation markers and restore balance to the oxygen molecules hence improve the immune system. 

Has Antiviral Properties 

Scientists are continually looking for new ways of treating bacterial and viral infections. As a result, studies have revealed the ability to treat tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease and relapsing fever using Ozone-multipass approaches. 

Multipass Ozone Therapy commonly referred to as (Ten Pass Ozone), involves drawing out and mixing a patient’s blood with ozone then injecting it into the patient’s bloodstream. Once the ozone is absorbed, it kills the disease microbes and cleanses the patient’s blood. 

Restores Brain Function After A Stroke 

Once a patient receives the ozone injection, lipoperoxides (products of lipid peroxidation) travel to the brain. These lipids contain high mitochondria levels, which we all know are essential for normal cell functioning and survival. 

Also, when a person suffers a stroke, the blood supply is affected, preventing the brain tissue from receiving adequate oxygen as well as nutrients. The affected area is known as the penumbra, and ozone therapy reverts damage by restoring the oxygen supply. 

Reduces The Chances Of Recurrent Heart Attacks 

Every year, about 335,000 people in the US suffer from recurrent heart attacks. Therefore, to avoid this persistence, it’s advisable to take proactive measures. Typically, the doctor will prescribe medication meant to maintain heart muscle functions. 

A heart attack is a result of low blood supply as well as a deteriorating heart muscle. Aside from taking medication, getting ozone therapy restores blood supply hence reduces the risk of tissue death as well as arrhythmia. 

Accelerates Wound Healing 

Studies show that ozone therapy is useful in treating chronic wounds such as mouth ulcers as well as feet lesions on people with diabetes. 

While it’s true that there are certain unknowns regarding ozone therapy, studies show that there are very few complications, primarily when performed by a medical specialist. To know which option is right for you, you should book an appointment with ozone treatment specialists such as Alternative Disc Therapy located in New Jersey.

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