What Are The Benefits Of Regenerative Medicine?

benefits of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine focuses on restoring your wellness inside as well as outside. It treats a variety of diseases and health conditions. While traditional medicine treats the symptoms of an illness, regenerative medicine treats the cause. Common types of regenerative medicine are stem cell therapy, lipogems, prolotherapy, and platelet-rich-plasma. Common benefits of Sarasota board-certified regenerative medicine include the following 

1. Reduced Pain 

Regenerative medicine promotes healing. It addresses the root cause of pain and not just the symptoms. Regenerative treatment options deliver growth factors to affected areas promoting fast healing of tissues. They enhance healing at a lower pain level than traditional medicine. 

2. Reduced Risk Of Injuries 

Regenerative medicine reduces your risk of injuries in the future. It involves natural healing, and there is no mechanical intervention. As a result, it strengthens your tendons and tightens your collagen. The treated cartilage or joint does not only recover but also regenerates. The outcome is cartilage or joint that has regenerated naturally. It functions better than joints that recovered artificially. 

3. Speedy Recovery 

Regenerative medicine promotes quick recovery. It uses growth factors, so healing can be faster than for traditional medicine. You can get back to your daily life activities in a few days. 

4. Fast Treatment Regenerative Medicine Is Fast

Treatments typically take less than two hours. You can resume your daily activities in one or two days. It is a great option for sports professionals and those who wish to avoid long recovery periods. The effects last longer, and you don’t need to repeat them. 

5. Effectiveness 

Regenerative medicine is excellent for treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions. It may be used to treat conditions that previously required surgery. Regenerative medicine may reduce or avoid the need for surgery completely. 

6. Low Risk Of Complications 

With regenerative medicine, your doctor uses natural components from your body tissues. There is minimal risk of infection or complications. 

7. Healthier Bones And Tissues 

Unlike traditional medicine, regenerative medicine boosts the health of your bones and tissues. It suffuses the muscles, tendons, and bones with fresh new cells and platelets, which make them stronger. It is a great option to improve your musculoskeletal system. 

8. Reduced Inflammation 

If you have chronic pain and inflammation, traditional medications may present lots of side effects. Regenerative medicine treats inflammation naturally, with no significant side effects. 

You may experience mild discomfort that goes away fast. Regenerative therapy treats inflammation that may happen when your body is attacking its own tissues. It is a great treatment option for conditions such as: 

Joint pain 
● Lower back pain 
● Osteoarthritis 
● Sports injuries 
● Degenerative disc disease 

Even though regenerative medicine is a fairly new field, it is a reliable treatment option, a variety of conditions and diseases. The approach uses a patient's cells to repair their damaged organs and restore their health. The treatment is popular because of its benefits such as; low risk of complications, healthier tissues and bones, quick recovery, and reduced risk of injuries in the future.

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