Should You Become A Soldier?

should you become a soldier join military

It is an undeniable fact that the youth of every country is greatly fascinated by the life of a soldier. A soldier’s life is full of adventures. They are the real assets of any countries. They join the army and are always ready to sacrifice their for the sake of their country defense. This blog similar to Huffpost is instrumental that will help you assess whether you can become a soldier if you possess the following features: 

Physical Fitness 

Physical fitness is essential for a soldier to participate in many military activities. Military physical training of a soldier starts just from the day he enters the army. Even his selection in the army is easy if he is already physically strong. The long hour’s duties on borders, assigned duties at war places, withstanding in harsh weather conditions, makes a soldier’s job as one of the toughest things to do in the world. Such duties can only be well performed if you have a strong body. 


Being patriotic is one of the important features in a person who wishes to become a soldier. A true soldier loves his country and puts the interest of the country above his interests. He has to be selfless. Even he has to spend a great deal of time away from their loved ones. 

Mentally And Emotionally Strong 

If you want to serve your country and want to be a soldier, you have to be mentally and emotionally strong. Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness for a soldier. Staying away from family for unpredictable days, watching people killed during war times, very high, or very low weather temperature may emotionally de track anyone. But a true soldier is trained to manage these fears, emotions in such hard times. Therefore, emotional strength gives you a great opportunity of becoming a soldier. 


During military training, soldiers are trained to obey the commands given by their seniors. They cannot question them or deliberately disobey their commands. Disobeying may results in serious consequences during training and if such behavior is not changed, it may lead the soldier expelled out of the army. The reason is that during wartime, the commands by senior officers have to be followed at every cost. If any of the soldiers disobey during war time, disastrous consequences may happen that may lead that group of an army to their tragic defeat. 

IQ Level 

If you have a high IQ then you have better chances to be a soldier. This is because, the soldiers not only fight in wars but they also play their role in developing countries where they work as facilitators of their government’s foreign policy, military exercises, and humanitarian relief missions and taking part in peacekeeping operations. Such strategies need a person with a good IQ level. One has to be witty while making strategies and plans for such affairs. 


A soldier has to be quite punctual in his routine. Punctuality is a powerful quality that motivates a soldier to complete any task on time. Military training trains a soldier by giving them the limited time of eating, talking, taking a bath, or even tying the shoelaces. Such training helps a soldier to be punctual at all times. Thus you should practice being very punctual if you wish to become a soldier. 

Family History 

If you have to say one, two or even more people in your family already in the army, then you may have better chances of getting entry into the army as a soldier. The interviewer may observe your personality and attitude of an army person if you had been following your family members of the army. 


Discipline is the trait that is directly related to a soldier. Without discipline, you cannot become a soldier. You have to practice discipline in your daily lifestyle. We see unique discipline during soldier parade. A sense of unity we witness when we see such graceful parade by our army soldiers. 

To conclude, we can say, being a soldier seems so charming and fascinating but in reality, it is very challenging and a job of great national responsibilities. We sleep peacefully while our soldiers are awake performing their duties. We cannot deny that a soldier safeguard’s the honor of his country. Thus you have to adopt the above-mentioned characteristics to become a soldier.

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