Converting Your JPG To PDF Using PDF Bear's Tools

how to convert jpg to pdf using pdf bears tools website

If you are tired of scrolling through your gallery or photo album to look at and read your reading materials, then you could always convert it and put it in one PDF file. An advantage of converting your images to PDF is to save more space from your computer's hard disk. 

JPG files can vary depending on its resolution or quality, and sometimes, that causes trouble when you print them. Another problem is if you resize the image to a smaller size, it won't look good since it will make some minor features, such as logos, text, and more, unclear. 

The purpose of having a PDF file is to combine photos, texts, and other things in one PDF file. That is why PDF has become an ideal file format to use, and also people want to keep the quality of their images even if they resize it to smaller or bigger. 

The PDF file format has been used by many students, professors, and other professionals because it is capable of a lot of things. Ever since its release in 1992, it has become the most popular file format of all time. 

Using PDF Bear's JPG to PDF Converter Tool 

If you want to get your JPG files converted and organized in one PDF file, then PDF Bear is the best option. The process of converting is straightforward, and they provide simple instructions for you to follow. PDF Bear's JPG to PDF conversion tool not only supports images with a .jpg file format but also .png and .tiff file formats. 

With a JPG file format, it will be difficult to scale it down to a smaller size since it will damage its quality. That is why some prefer to convert it to a PDF file format to make the quality stay the same even if you reduce its file size. 

The first thing you need to do to convert your JPG files to PDF is that you have to select the images you want to convert and pick an available option. Afterward, you can start converting and wait for it to finish. Once it ends, you can save it to your computer to upload it to your Dropbox or Google Drive. 

If you want to avail of their paid version, you can subscribe and purchase it for an affordable price. Unlike the free version, you can do unlimited tasks anytime you want, and you can reach the maximum files per transaction. Another feature that they have in the paid version is that there will be ads. 

Once you have availed of their paid version, they will offer you a free trial to have more time to experience their tools. If ever you do not want to avail of the subscription, you can always end it. 

PDF Bear's Features And Tools 

While some websites only allow one image per batch, PDF Bear will enable users to upload or convert multiple images into one PDF File. They also support all kinds of platforms, so you can also use their tools in your smartphones. 

Aside from JPG to PDF converter tools, they offer other great tools you can use, such as the conversion of Word Document to PDF, protecting your PDF, compressing PDF, and more, so you do not need to go to other sites to look for these kinds of PDF tools. 

Why PDF Bear? 

The reason why you should choose this all-in-one PDF tool is that you do not need to spend anything to avail of their services. However, you are more than welcome to try their affordable paid version to access more of their tools and features. 

Their tools are simple, and you can finish it in just a few clicks. You do not need to worry about your privacy since it is safe to use because they have SSL Encryption to protect their user's files. It means that after you finish using the tools, it will automatically delete and not share your data with others. 

In some websites, a lot of clickbait that will automatically redirect us to another site, and random and unwanted advertisements appear, and that makes the experience unpleasant. With PDF Bear, although there are a few ads for the free version, no unwanted and unnecessary advertisements will come in your way. 


Back then, it was difficult to convert a JPG file to a PDF file since you have to purchase expensive and high-end software for that. These days there are already software and even online tools where we can perform this conversion for no cost. 

The technologies these days help our tasks go smoothly and quickly without a problem. People do not even have to spend a cent to be able to convert files. That is why people should take advantage of it and understand its purpose.

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