How Do I Send a Screenshot to Coworkers for Documentation?

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Screenshots are an amazing advancement of technology. Although the ability to screenshot is a fairly new one, could you imagine life without it? Screenshots make a lot of things easier for all types of situations. 

They come in handy for personal reasons, business and work reasons, and so much more. If you haven't started using screenshots in the office yet, then it's time you start doing so! They could make your work life a little less complicated if you do. 

Are you wondering, "how do I send a screenshot at work?" It's more common to send screenshots on the phone via text messages, but sending them to coworkers, business partners, and company bosses isn't spoken about as frequently. Luckily, this guide will help you throughout the process.

Are you looking to document tech trouble on your computer? Are you needing to share projects for collaboration? Continue reading below to learn how to send screenshots in the workplace! 

4 Top Ways To Securely Send Screenshots To Coworkers

Send Screenshots Via Email

After taking a screenshot on your computer, one way to share it with your coworkers is via email. 

Sending screenshots via email is one of the less complicated ways of doing this. It'll only take a few minutes, if not seconds, to send via email, but there are a few drawbacks. 

What you'll need to do first is take the screenshot on your computer and save it into your local drive, your Dropbox, or however you'd like to save it on your computer. Next, open your email account and upload the document as an attachment. 

You can then send the email to one person or multiple people to view. What's the downside of emailing? This technique doesn't allow you and the other people who receive it to collaborate easily. 

Each person receives the email separately and will need to respond one by one. You're not able to come together and make changes in real-time. This method works best when documenting an error on your computer or when sending one piece of information that doesn't need editing or collaborating.

Send Screenshots Via Microsoft 

Sending screenshots via Microsoft can be done in two different ways. One way is via email and the other is via Microsoft 365. If you'd like your coworker, client, or boss to make edits to your screenshot or leave comments on it, you can save the screenshot in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or another Microsoft program. 

Once doing so, you can then send an email with the Word Document or PowerPoint Document attachment inside. When the receiving person opens it, they can then use Microsoft to make their own contributions to the project. They will, however, need Microsoft Office on their computer to open it. 

Microsoft 365 is an amazing tool to have, but using 365 to collaborate with your coworkers entails having a 365 account. If your workplace uses 365, be sure to upload your screenshot in a document and add coworkers, clients, and your boss! 

You can add whoever you'd like and then everyone can collaborate on the project in real-time. It's as if you were all in a room together with the screenshot placed on a table while collaborating! 

Browser Screenshots Via Usersnap

When you're working online a lot, you'll most likely need to take screenshots of your browser. This might be due to tech trouble or collaboration reasons. Taking and sending screenshots via Usersnap is an excellent choice. 

You can take a browser screenshot with no installation needed. Each screenshot will have meta-information attached, and you'll be able to talk to your peers about the screenshot in real-time. The downside is that it only allows you to take browser screenshots, but you can upload mobile and desktop screenshots if desired. 

For example, you can capture your Windows or capture your MacBook's screen, save the file, and then upload it via Usersnap for collaboration purposes!

Android Screenshots Via Airdroid

Smartphones aren't only used for personal reasons. Smartphones have now made it easy to work from anywhere. With that being said, you've most likely done a bit of work on your phone in the past. 

When you're using your phone for business purposes, you should know how to take mobile screenshots from your computer. Airdroid makes it easy for Android users to upload mobile screenshots to their computers. You'll first need to sign in to your account on both Airdroid Web and your Android Airdroid. 

On Android Web, you then need to select the screenshot icon. Your Android's real-time interface will then be shown. You then need to select how you'd like the screenshots to save. 

You can have them save on your computer or on your phone. You'll then click on the screenshot capture button, which looks like a camera. A screenshot of your phone will then save directly to your computer! 

This is a beneficial technique to be aware of if you save screenshots for work on your phone frequently. It'll save you time and frustration of having to email yourself the screenshots from your phone or having to connect your phone to your computer to upload them. 

Stop Wondering, "How Do I Send a Screenshot" and Start Collaborating Today!

If you were once wondering, "how do I send a screenshot for business purposes," we hope you now have a few options to choose from. Try a couple of these techniques listed above and if one doesn't work well for you, try another!

There's a technique for everyone, and the best one for you might even depend on what you need to do with the screenshot image file itself. 

For more helpful posts similar to this one about screenshots and tech, be sure to check back with us on a regular basis! 

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