One-Day Bryce Canyon Tour: What You Need To Know

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The South of Utah is one place you need to visit, and you should not stop yourself from visiting Bryce Canyon. Loaded with crimson-colored hoodoos and rock formations the place is an adventure lover’s delight – boasting of hiking trails to expansive amphitheaters. 

Here is a tip - if you are planning to explore Bryce Canyon, you should visit the National Park mostly either during sunsets or sunrise. 

You can make your way to the place by air or car. If you are not planning to take a halt at hotels and restaurants, you should prefer going for rustic lodges, camps, suites, motel rooms, cozy cabins, and more. 

Visit both during winter and summer, or get hold of the annual passes, if you expect to return. 

When Should You Visit Bryce Canyon? 

No matter what time you want to go there, remember to check your esta online status first. If you are visiting the U.S., you will need to have a valid travel document. 

You should plan your trip somewhere around May to September. The weather during this time is calm, serene, and warm, and hence, you can indulge in a lot of activities. However, most tourists also prefer visiting the place from October to April because, in winter, it turns to a wonderland and has its own perks to offer. 

If you visit Bryce Canyon during winters, you will get the option to experience cool temperatures and wildflowers. Not only that, but you can also go snowshoeing and skiing. The temperature would significantly vary during winter and spring in Bryce Canyon owing to such a height. 


If you like to enjoy the summer in all its glory, this is the time you need to visit. The temperature during May is around the mid-60s, while from July to August is around 70-80s. But July to August will also experience rain accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning. 


Now, you should not be disappointed if you could not make a travel plan during the summer. This is one of those places that are worth a visit through the year. If you are lucky enough, you may experience snow during October. During December to Match, Bryce Canyon Snowshoe Program is hosted with free snowshoes and poles for beginners. 

Sunrise Point In Bryce Canyon 

The Sunrise Point in Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful and popular places due to its diverse landscapes. The sunrise point is filled with dunes, hoodoos accompanied by greenery across the crevices. 

Each view is different from different angles, and from each angle, you can get a beautiful view of the hoodoos. Needless to say, the tourists explore the place to experience the hoodoos. 

The road is divided into curves, and the only way to visit Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point is to drive .5 miles to the south of the Visitor Center. Once you have made the parking, you will need to walk only a short distance. 

Rainbow Point In Bryce Canyon 

Located in the southernmost corner across the Yovimpa viewpoint, it is home to some of the most beautiful sights, and also houses an Amphitheatre. 

It is just a short distance from the parking lot and is one of the highest elevation areas across the park. Rainbow Park is also one of the windiest areas of Bryce Canyon. So, you are going to have a great experience. 

Bryce Canyon National Point Viewpoints 

Mentioned below are some of the best areas in Bryce Canyon from where you can have a great view of the entire region 

● The Rainbow and Yovimpa viewpoints are located near each other, thereby providing a great view to Pink Cliffs and red Vermilion cliffs. 

● The naturally sculpted Natural Bridge from ice, gravity, and rain is one of the deepest arches with a great view. 

● Want a perfect sunset view and get a view of peregrine falcons? Then Paria View is the best choice to make. 

Airbnb And Places To Stay 

Airbnb in Bryce Canyon is not a big problem and is one of the most affordable options for your stay in Bryce Canyon. There are lodges, guest houses and more – and many of them will not make a pinch to your pocket. If you book early, you may be able to save more. 

If you plan your trip to Bryce Canyon, you will need to get hold of potential documents. You can go for esta check status so that you can have a carefree and convenient trip. Remember to fill it up early, as it could take a day or two for you to get your hands on the travel document. 

Get started planning on your trip to the Utah USA today.

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