5 Trends In The Medical Device Industry

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What an incredible time we to be alive! With modern technology and inventiveness, we are finding cures for diseases, new vaccines, and learning more about our health than ever before. 

The fact is, however, we are innovating faster than we can keep up! We have decided to help you out though! We did our research and found the top 5 trends in the medical device industry that you need to know about today. 

Let's get started on top medical device trends! 

1. Nitinol Wire 

This metal shape memory alloy is changing medicine for the better. Nitinol wire has the unique capability to change its shape as it is manipulated through an area. Once it has done the job it was intended for, it will return to its original shape as long as heat is applied. 

So, what does these mean in terms of medical innovations? It means that when a patient requires a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure the doctor can utilize the nitinol wire to navigate small areas without the need for intensive surgery. 

The wire is also biocompatible with humans, meaning it can be implanted with no risk to the patient! 

2. Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality isn't just for gamers anymore! In the medical field, the utilization of VR technology is changing the way doctors are learning to practice medicine. 

More and more students and surgeons alike are using VR to learn surgery techniques and hone in on certain skills. That being said, this technology goes beyond training and research. 

VR has proved to be incredibly helpful in the treatment of emotional trauma in patients as well as mental illnesses. In fact, studies have shown that patients involved in VR related therapy were more comfortable communicating virtually than with an actual person. 

3. Medical Robots 

Medical robotics have existed since 1985, but their uses are becoming more streamlined than ever. In collaboration with surgeons, robots help to perform life-saving procedures like prostate and kidney surgery. 

The use of these robots can save patients from having large open surgery. Instead, with the use of robots smaller less invasive incisions are made. These types of robotically assisted surgeries cut down on patient downtime. 

4. Wearables 

Wearable fitness technology is a growing trend that goes beyond counting steps. Doctors can monitor patients' details without the patient ever stepping foot in an office. Doctors can monitor things such as the following: 

• Sleeping habits 
• Glucose 
• Heart rate 
• Blood pressure 

These are just a few of the beneficial things that wearable technology can monitor. It goes beyond simply monitoring though. 

Wearable devices are now able to administer medication. With the patient wearing a device that delivers medication it eliminates the need for excessive journeys to facilities to receive treatment. 

Long term care patients can receive extended-release medications without the risk of taking too much or too little by mistake. 

5. 3D Printing 

Currently, 3D printing in medicine is primarily used for producing instruments, implants, and external prostheses. However, scientists are now in the process of trying to print living organs such as a heart for human use. 

These medtech developments have the potential to save patient's lives who are awaiting organ donation. 

The Medical Device Industry and the Future 

There will always be advances in the medical device industry. These 5 trends will continue to grow and change the way we are giving and receiving care. Innovations like these are paramount to saving lives. 

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