How To Measure Marketing ROI With Call Tracking

measure marketing roi call tracking phone calling metrics

If you are going to get the best from your telemarketing marketing efforts, then you need some means of measuring their efficacy. How are your customers finding their way to your business phone numbers, and what will allow you to reach more of them in the future? 

If you don’t understand which of your marketing channels are generating the best return on your investment, then you won’t be able to optimise your marketing expenditure. Thus, ROI can be considered an essential metric for telemarketing and phone call sales. 

What Is Call Tracking? 

If you are making conversions over the phone with an online phone number, rather than online, then you will want to consider call tracking. This allows you to associate a given phone call with an online marketing channel. Your online customers will be given different phone numbers depending on how they came to request it. 

What Is Its Purpose And Benefits? 

When every call made to your business is tracked to source, you can determine which of your channels is more effectively persuading customers to pick up the phone. If a sizeable proportion of your phone conversions are coming after a customer clicks on a given ad, then you can say that the ad in question is doing its job. The same applies to keywords. This information will allow you to refine the way you spend on marketing. 

Multi-channel attribution allows a marketing department to assess the buyer’s entire journey, including how long it took to make the leap from being made aware of your business to actually making a purchase. If call-tracking isn’t a part of this process, then you will develop a blind spot. 

How Does It Help The Marketing Department? 

Your marketing department is sure to be grateful of the following calling information for two reasons. 

Pushing For Larger Budgets 

Call tracking software provides definitive evidence that a given marketing channel is generating a measurable return on the investment. This will embolden them to ask for more money. After all, if every pound spend is generating more exposure, more custom and more growth, then underinvestment becomes an obvious mistake. 

Of course, without the information, it is difficult to make this case for bigger budgets. 

Efficient Spending 

As well as increasing overall spend based on the information provided by call tracking, marketing departments may wish to reallocate the firms that they already have assigned to a given marketing channel. If it is determined that a given keyword is bringing in more custom, then why not focus efforts there? 

In order to gather this information, the marketing spend will need to be spread to begin with. If certain keywords aren’t being targeted at all, then they won’t generate the calls that they otherwise might. Thus phone call tracking should be viewed not as a substitute for experimentation, but as a complement to it.

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