Ways To Help Your Children Reduce Phone Use

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It’s easy for you to shout at your children for always being on their phones. You get angry because of their actions. The truth is that you’re not spending enough time to help them out. If you want your children to be responsible using their phones, you also have to do your share as a parent. 

Be A Role Model 

You can’t keep telling your children to stop using their phones when you’re doing the same. You also have to control your phone use. Don’t spend too much time browsing social media content. You can use your phone to work, but you need to stop at some point. 

Set Clear Rules At Home 

Just like many other things, you need to set clear rules in regard to phone use. You have to be strict in implementing these rules. When you tell your children not to use the phone during dinner, you have to set punishments for violating the rule. Avoid making empty threats since they won’t follow your rules in the future. 

Offer Rewards 

If your children successfully avoided phone use for an entire day, you can reward them. Make them involved in deciding what reward they want. If it’s reasonable enough, you can give it to them. The point is that through these rewards, you motivate them to do the right thing. 

Play With Your Children 

The reason why they’re always on their phones is that you don’t spend enough time with them. Make sure that you play with your children. Think of fun games that you can do with them. You will forget about digital devices when spending time with each other is more fun and exciting. 

Explain The Effects Of Constant Phone Use 

You can’t keep telling your children what to do and what to avoid without explaining to them the purpose of your rules. In regard to phone use, you need to be clear that you worry about their health. Phones emit radiation, and excessive phone use could make a person ill. The good thing is you can use EMF protection to block radiation from entering the body. Despite that, it’s still essential to reduce the time spent using the phone. 

Help Your Children Study Their Lessons 

You probably know more about what your children are studying. They might spend a lot of time on their smartphones to research. Instead of doing it, you can ask them to study with you. Apart from providing them with the right information, you also bond with them. They will be grateful for the time you spend with them. You can even hope that they excel more at school because of the assistance you give at home. 

Reduce Your Kids' Smartphone Use

As a parent, you must aid your children to overcome their cell phone addiction. It’s easy for them always to use their mobile phones if they don’t receive guidance from adults. Start by changing your smartphone habits and asking your children to do the same.

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