How To Correct Your Child’s Teeth Irregularities By Visiting An Orthodontist

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It is the role of parents or guardians to monitor the way their children are growing. Many children develop irregularities on different parts of their body during growth. Oral and facial parts are mostly affected during the child's growth process. Once you notice crooked teeth or misaligned jaws in your child, it is vital to consult an orthodontist. Cedar Park children’s orthodontics is a health care center that deals with teeth disorders in children. Below are deformities that an orthodontist treats. 

Disorders Treated By An Orthodontist In Children 

An orthodontist treats, diagnoses, and prevents dental irregularities in children. These dental irregularities include crooked teeth, misaligned bite, and facial conditions that affect your child's’ look. 

· Crooked Teeth

Misaligned teeth are prevalent among many children. Crooked teeth cause health and speaking issues; hence there is a need to realign them. Children's teeth become crooked since they cannot fill the gum spaces allocated for them due to their small size. If your child has a habit of sucking on a thumb, this might cause the child teeth to become crooked. 

· Misaligned Jaws

A misaligned jaw is another example of a dental disorder that affects children. Upper teeth are supposed to be aligned with the lower teeth. There are two common misalignments of teeth that are a result of jaws problems. They are overbite and underbite. An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth protrude out more than the lower front teeth. When your lower front teeth grow outwards more than upper front teeth, the condition is called an underbite. 

However, a crooked, crowded, and misaligned jaw can be a result of genetic and heredity issues. If one of your closest relatives suffered from crooked or crowded teeth, there are higher chances that you will be affected as well. Moreover, if you, as a parent, have these dental disorders, your child can inherit the problem. Other causes may include poor nutrition, facial injuries, and poor dental care. 

The Significant Effects Caused By Crowded And Crooked Teeth 

Crooked teeth lower your children's quality of life since their teeth prevent them from smiling and social interaction. Major effects include; 

· Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem makes a child avoid interactions with friends and also feel unhappy with his or her physical appearance. 

· Difficulties In Giving Speeches

Crowed or misaligned teeth change the pronunciation of words, and reading aloud to problems in speaking. 

· Problems In Chewing

Crooked teeth interfere with the chewing mechanism, which later causes digestion problems.

· The Occurrence Of Oral Diseases

It becomes difficult to clean between the crowded or crooked teeth, giving germs and bacteria time and space to grow. This bacteria causes tooth decay and gum infections. 

How Does An Orthodontist Fix Crooked And Crowded Teeth In Children? 

There are many ways of fixing misaligned teeth. These ways include; 


Invisalign is a comfortable way of fixing crooked teeth since it is easy to use and remove. Orthodontists make use of clear plastic trays that move the teeth in small inches. 

Dental Braces

Dental braces are the most known method of correcting crowded or crooked teeth. This method involves wires that are attached to your teeth to straighten and realign your teeth. Metal braces are the best for highly overcrowded teeth. 

It is very vital to give your child a healthy smile. Examining your child's dental growth will enable you to take some crucial steps before the condition becomes severe. It is also essential to find the best orthodontist to service your child. Freedom Orthodontics deals with crooked, crowded, and other facial related deformities.

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