Relieve Your Neck And Back Pain With Personalized Integrative Treatment In Mason

relieve neck back pain stiffness personalized integrative treatment

Everyone experiences neck and back pain at a certain point in their lifetime. However, living with pain in your back or neck can burden your daily activities, affect your mood, and make it difficult for you to get a good rest at night. Fortunately, if you struggle with neck and back pain in Mason, the experienced staff at Elite Physical Medicine offer effective neck and back pain treatment. To get personalized pain management, call or schedule an appointment online with Elite Physical Medicine. 

What Causes Back And Neck Pain? 

Pain in your neck or back can develop due to various factors. In many patients, neck and back pain is caused by strained muscles due to lifting heavy objects, sleeping in the wrong position, working at a desk all day, overuse injury, or daily activities. Additionally, acute injury such as a fall or car accident can cause neck and back pain. As you age, neck and back pain may become a part of your life due to degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis. If the back pain is caused by sciatica, you may experience electrical sensations, shooting pain, or weakness in one of your legs or buttocks due to nerve compression. Weak abdominal muscles, poor posture, and excess body weight can also contribute to neck and back pain. 

What Are Other Symptoms Of Neck And Back Pain Other Than Pain? 

Depending on the cause of your neck or back pain, you might feel a shooting, aching, or sharp stabbing pain. You may also experience nerve symptoms like pain or tingling that goes down your leg or arm. Other symptoms that may be caused by the conditions that lead to neck and back pain include headaches, muscle tension, postural imbalance, decreased function, and limited mobility. You may have constant pain, or it could come and go. Neck and back pain affects our ability to do daily tasks and may result in depression and stress. The team at Elite Physical Medicine will offer you a whole scope of advanced treatment for all types of neck and back pain. 

How Is Neck And Back Pain Diagnosed? 

When you visit a medical specialist for neck and back pain treatment, they will start by doing a comprehensive exam to establish the cause of your pain. They will inquire about your medical history and the symptoms you are experiencing. Usually, you will be asked to make specific neck and back movements to evaluate your muscle strength and reflexes. For an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, you may need to undertake X-rays and other tests. 

What Should You Expect During Back And Neck Pain Treatment? 

Depending on your diagnosis, the team at Elite Physical Medicine will design a personalized plan to help restore your mobility and function and relieve pain. They will work with you to include your concerns, personal preferences, and lifestyle in a plan that addresses your specific needs. Your integrative treatment plan may include joint injections, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, nerve blocks, regenerative medicine, and therapeutic exercise. The treatment plan involves three phases: structural healing, immediate pain relief, and ongoing maintenance. 

To sum up, neck and back pains are common and can be incapacitating; hence they need to be addressed by a medical professional as soon as possible. To get rid of neck and back pain and salvage your mobility and quality of life, call or schedule an appointment online with Elite Physical Medicine today.

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