What To Do When You Lose A Tooth

what to do when you lose a tooth replace lost teeth

Losing a tooth can be painful and negatively impacts your appearance and oral and general health. After you have lost a tooth, it is critical to act fast and protect your smile by lowering bone loss and infection likelihood. Dr. Shiva Salehi and her team at Madison Family Dental Group use their combined years of experience, advanced technology, and modern medicine to help people who have lost a tooth in Fair Oaks, CA. Here is what you need to know so that you can do your part before it is your doctor’s turn. 

What You should Do If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out 

Your tooth may be knocked out and you think that this is the end of it. Your dentist at Madison Family Dental Group has good news: it is possible to save it, depending on how it is handled after the trauma event. Your doctor advises that you should keep it clean and seek emergency help within half an hour. You should not wipe off the tooth since doing so can lead to the loss of supporting tissue. Other critical handling procedures that can significantly increase the chances of a successful reattaching include: 

· Handling the tooth from the crown end and not the root end 
· Rinsing the tooth with clean or salty water or milk 
· Avoid rubbing the tooth or cleaning it using chemicals 
· Trying to put the tooth back into the socket 

If it is not possible to return the tooth into the socket, dip it in milk or keep it moist until you get to your doctor’s office. Avoid putting it in water since this will damage the roots and dim the chances of success in reattaching it. 

How Can You Avoid Tooth Loss? 

Accidents and trauma are the leading causes of tooth loss. However, you can lose teeth due to gum disease and decay. Practicing oral hygiene including brushing twice daily and flossing your teeth, can help prevent tooth loss due to gum disease and decay. Your doctor reminds you to schedule dental visits at least twice per year for check-up and cleaning. 

If you notice that one of your teeth feels loose, try and keep it stable and immediately call your doctor to book an appointment if it is not an emergency. Your doctor reminds you always to wear a helmet when riding since most cyclists lose teeth after an accident if one did not have head protection. 

Unfortunately, there are situations where a lost tooth cannot be replaced. If confronted with that reality, there is hope at Madison Family Dental Group since your dentist can recommend dental crown implants and dentures to help restore your smile. 

Your smile is an integral part of you and should be protected from harm. In the unfortunate event that it becomes dented, it is vital for you to know what to do before your dentist is available. One wrong move in the way you react can worsen an already bad situation. Consult your dentist to learn more about what to do when you lose a tooth.

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