5 Common Dental Problems And Tooth Disease Faced By Individuals

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Dental problems have become part and parcel of human life nowadays. It can be minor as well as severely painful affecting all age groups. In order to prevent dental problems, routine dental checkups, having a proper diet plan and maintaining perfect dental hygiene is highly essential. 

People are suffering from gun infections, bad breath, tooth decaying and many other issues. But, the best part is Singapore being a developed city/country has plenty of world-class dental clinics for the best medical attention. One of them is the dePacific dental clinic having a pool of experienced dentists to treat all kinds of dental diseases. 

So, let's find out what are the common dental problems and tooth diseases faced by the majority of people. 

1. Dental Cavities 

Tooth decay is a major problem faced by 80 percent of individuals. In this case, a person loses the hard tissue of their teeth due to the deposition of plague in the teeth cracks, gum line or back portion of teeth that settles the bacteria. The infection is caused when the bacteria break the sugar and carbohydrates present in food particles into acids. These acids further dissolve the tooth enamel and break it. It is very painful and causes chewing problems. Prevention:- It can be prevented by brushing twice, flossing and proper dental checkups. 

2. Gum Disease 

Popularly known as Periodontal disease, gum diseases happen due to the deposition of plague in the teeth or gumline. The milder version is known as Gingivitis while the severe version is known as Periodontitis. When this happens the bacteria deteriorates the condition of healthy gums slowly destroying the bones holding the teeth. The victim in this case always has red swollen gums, bad breath, bleeding gums, and chewing issues. 

Prevention:  It can be prevented by brushing twice, flossing, quitting smoking, professional cleaning and routine checkups. 

3. Toothache 

This is another common problem that can be caused by many reasons like- Tooth Decay, Abcess formations, damaged filling, gum infections or in general deposition of food particles between teeth. Another biggest reason for toothaches is the improper or incomplete eruption of wisdom teeth. Toothaches are severely painful and can swell you entire jawline instantly causing fever and headache. 

Prevention:  Mild toothaches can be by rising with lukewarm water but in severe cases, consultation of doctor is necessary for antibiotics and other medical treatments. 

4. Tooth Sensitivity 

Many elderly people feel a sharp pain on their teeth when they taste too much hot or cold food. This is due to teeth sensitivity. In this case, the outer soft covering of the teeth root known as cementum gets destroyed. As a result, the dentin of the root gets exposed and hence on contact with acidic food, or too much hot or cold substances, the teeth starts paining due to the absence of the protective root layer. 

Prevention:  Don’t brush too hard, use quality toothpaste, brush twice a day, do flossing regularly, and avoid consuming acidic foods. 

5. Yellow Teeth 

It is a very uncomfortable teeth issue that completely destroys your personality. It is the discoloration of the teeth that is mainly caused due to excess consumption of wines, coffee, and soda. Other causes of yellow teeth are smoking, chemotherapy, too much exposure to Fluoride and poor oral hygiene. All of these activities destroy the original color of your teeth enamel by discoloring it. 

Prevention:  seeking professional teeth whitening treatment from dentists like this Dentist In Boynton Beach and using home whitening strips, peroxide-based whitening gels, rinses, changing diet plans and by using quality whitening toothpaste.

Avoid Tooth Disease With Your Dentist

Major dental problems can be very painful and expensive. Keep up with proper oral health care and dental preventative measures to insure that you don't have to deal with expensive dentist visits.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the most common dental problems and gum diseases that you want to avoid with preventative measure.

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