Achieve A Youthful Look With PRP Treatments

youthful skin prp treatments plasma-rich platelet

As you age, you probably long for those days when you had elegant skin and firm cheeks. Rostami OPC specializes in Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), an innovation that cuts across many medical fields to restore your body without using painful and invasive surgeries. Additionally, PRP procedures have shorter downsides meaning you get less invasive facelifts with shorter times to witness the results. Your PRP in Reston provider employs this new cosmetology procedure that remodels essential body proteins to help in body restoration. 

What Is A PRP Procedure? 

Advances in the medical field are exciting. PRP utilizes the body's natural restoration capability to give you the desired aesthetic looks in any part of your body. PRP is a combination of technology and the body's biological healing capabilities to guarantee less invasive procedures that are safe and give the desired results. When you visit Rostami OPC, your doctor will take a sample of your blood and put it in a centrifuge to obtain the platelets responsible for the treatment. Your doctor only uses a small amount of blood that goes on a spinning machine to separate the blood cells. Rostami OPC staff will then mix your platelets with blood plasma to create a substance that has magnificent healing capabilities. 

Platelets have essential healing properties that help rejuvenate your skin for that youthful look. Platelets combine with the cells in your body to boost their growth and provide your face with that youthful look. 

Benefits Of The Microneedling Combined 
With PRP 

Microneedling involves needles and holes on your skin. The needles create tiny holes on your dermis to prompt the body to act and restore the injured regions. The procedures are so precise that you will not notice the sunken spots on your skin, but your body's biological processes will act promptly to provide a restoration that will give you a youthful face. 

Your Rostami OPC doctor can carry out the PRP procedure in several ways. In some instances, your doctor will use hyaluronic acid combined with PRP to provide that additional lift on the face. Hyaluronic acid makes your skin plumper with extra moisture, while the PRP causes stimulation that repairs the cells. The results of the procedure are younger skin. 

Additional Applications Of PRP 

PRP has many uses apart from cosmetology, as the treatment can help treat your eyes when they are severely dry. PRP also aids in speeding up the healing process when you have a laser treatment. Lastly, the therapy helps stimulates the production of collagen necessary for skin regeneration. 

Best Candidates For PRP Procedure 

PRP treatment is for anyone with skin issues. The procedure is helpful for wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. Men can also benefit if they have large skin pores or acne. However, when you visit Rostami OPC, the staff will take you through many options to select the best ones for your skin type. 

Youthful looks increase your confidence, especially when you want to rejuvenate your love life. Rostami OPC can help you restore your skin. For inquiries, schedule a consultation with your doctor.

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