Take Care Of Your Kids’ Dental Needs In California At Dental Kidz Club

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For children, seeing a dentist can be somehow overwhelming. That is why the pediatric team of dentists at Dental Kidz Club does its best to provide a calm and welcoming experience to young patients led by the Perris chief dentist Jihee Chun, DDS. The dental center has several office locations in Riverside, Ontario, Covina, Corona, Brea, and Perris, California. You can expect your children to have a happy and healthy smile. 

The mission of the clinic is to provide excellent and affordable dentistry to each child, and they undoubtedly deliver on the promise. The team consistently carries out thorough training on the latest innovations in the field of dentistry and uses the latest technology. They take a complete, conventional approach to all phases of pediatric dentistry from early dental care to teen dentistry, and collaborate with the leading brands in dental care: Oral-B® and Crest®. 

The specialists at Dental Kidz Club treat their patients like family. They respect your time and always do their best to remain on schedule because they understand that you have to fit your child's dental appointments into a busy schedule. You can feel confident of the team's services - whether treatment aids like space maintainers or nitrous oxide – or procedures like sealants, silver diamine fluoride, or teeth extractions. 

When seeking a pediatric dentist, many parents require a provider who can offer convenient appointment times. With several locations in California, Dental Kidz Club can get available time slots for almost every new patient within 24 hours and might provide same-day appointments to existing patients. 

Your child’s teeth are crucial so you should choose a dependable dental partner. Let the team at Dental Kidz Club take care of your child’s dental needs. 

Services Offered At Dental Kidz Club 

· Emergency Dentistry 

Emergency dentistry provides immediate treatment to address dental problems before they get worse. Unlike other minor issues or routine checkups, emergency dentistry cannot afford to wait for 24 hours before the dentist can see you. The team at Dental Kidz Club understands the significance of providing immediate care to minimize the impact of the problem and ease any discomfort your kid is feeling. 

·  Pediatric Dentistry 

This is a field of dental care that focuses particularly on children’s dental needs from infants to teenagers. A pediatric dentist undergoes two or three extra years of training in child-specific dental training. That makes them excellent at addressing dental issues concerning children compared to family dentists. 

·  Early Dental Care

Most people wait until their children cut their first tooth before they consider dental care, but you should start looking after your child's teeth before they even have any. The team at Dental Kidz Club takes care of your child’s dental health from a young age to reduce the chances of dental problems. 

Dedicated Dentistry

To learn more about these and additional services offered at Dental Kidz Club, contact them today to schedule an appointment at one of their locations. Dr. Chun and his team will ensure that your child is comfortable and his or her dental needs are addressed in a fun environment.

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