6 Signs You Need A Vein Specialist’s Intervention

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Venous disease is a condition that affects more than 30 million people in the US, but only 300,000 see vein specialists. Most people do not know that a venous disease can affect anyone regardless of their age and gender. If you notice warning signs of venous disease, it is time you decide to see a Venice vein center specialist. If you have already chosen Florida Lakes Vein Center to help with your treatment, knowing what signs to look for is the first step to resolving your venous issues. 

When To See A Vein Specialist 

See a vein specialist when you have any of the serious symptoms below: 

1. Have Trouble Moving Your Legs 

Taking long walks, wearing tight shoes, and standing for a long time can affect your legs to the point of sensing discomfort. It is usual for your legs to feel heavy after engaging in physical activities. When it gets to the point of burning, tingling, or painful sensations, you could be having a chronic venous disease. Most damaged veins can lead to blood clots that might cause serious complications. 

2. See A Change In Vein Color 

If you notice that your veins are changing in color in your abdomen, legs, or thighs, you could be having a vein disease. Sometimes, it appears bluish or purplish, depending on your condition's severity. It may lead to varicose veins. This occurs when blood gathers in the vessels instead of transporting it back to the heart. See a vein specialist for treatment before your venous disease develops into something more serious. 

3. Have Swollen Legs 

Another sign of venous disease is swollen legs. It occurs when your veins become overwhelmed with blood, leading to a leak out. Once you notice that one or both of your legs are swollen, see a vein specialist immediately. 

4. Experiencing Never-Ending Pain 

Pain is your body's way of saying that something is wrong. It can go away after taking medications or other treatment options. However, pain that never seems to go away can be a sign of venous disease. Try to experiment with your pain's seriousness by taking a rest. If it does not subside, schedule a visit to a vein expert. 

5. Experience Excessive Itchiness 

Venous disease can also cause you to experience itchiness. Scratching the area affected by the venous disease becomes a daily routine. It occurs when your veins become irritated, and the only way to feel better is by scratching your skin. Since you would not want to do that for the rest of your life, it would be best if you saw a vein specialist to put an end to your nightmare. 

6. Bleed 

Bleeding can occur if you accidentally hit or cut your legs. If you have venous disease, your bleeding can go from bad to worse. See a vein specialist to treat your vein problem if you experience excessive bleeding. 

Are You Ready To See A Vein Specialist? 

Seeing a vein specialist when you notice these six signs can help get your life back on track. Please do not wait until you experience all of them to see one. For more information on the types of venous diseases, schedule a consultation with a vein specialist.

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