How To Ensure Quick Healing After Knee Revision Surgery

quick healing knee revision surgery

Knee replacement surgeries are meant to last some years, however, it reaches a time that the prosthesis is no longer working properly so a knee revision surgery is needed to implant a new prosthesis. This procedure helps relieve pain in the affected area, removing a prosthesis that is no longer functioning properly is needed before further harm is made to the joints. Also, this procedure can be done when the prosthesis causes an injury to the knee. Dr. Gautam Siram MD and his team of specialists in knee revision surgery in Chevy Chase are dedicated to ensuring your knee regains its function if you have undergone an operation and things did not work well. 

Why Should I Have Knee Revision Surgery? 

Knee revision surgery is recommended whenever the device causes complications. This procedure is necessary when: 

You experience wear and tear, which leads to the loosening of the device. Knee replacement surgery can be used to connect the device and your bone. During the procedure, your doctor can do normal cleaning to remove any debris and check for any infection. 

An infection can occur on the part where the device is placed since it is made of metal. When the infection occurs, it leads to the loosening of the device. 

A fracture can occur on the device due to pressure. If a fracture occurs, then knee revision surgery is recommended. 

How Is Knee Revision Surgery Done? 

Knee revision surgery procedure normally takes few hours to be conducted. Your doctor will give you anesthesia to recuse any pain or discomfort. After anesthesia, your doctor will then cut open the knee area. In revision surgery, the specialist will remove the old bone that was connected to the old prosthesis. After the removal, the old bone is reshaped, but your doctor may recommend a bone graft if it appears weak to support the device. 

What Should I Do To Promote Quick Healing
After Knee Revision Surgery? 

After the surgery, you would need to get a quick recovery. Achieving this requires you to follow certain steps. It would help if you carried out aftercare procedures as well as exercises. It would also help if you asked the doctor for antibiotics that will help alleviate pain. Healing varies from one person to another, some patients recover after a few days while others take longer. If you feel that you need more information about the procedure, talk to your doctor so that you may know whether you are suitable for the procedure or not. 

To ensure a smooth recovery process for your injured knee, you should follow the instructions of your doctor. Ensure that you have enough space where you stay to avoid any complications that may arise. You should also get someone to help you with tasks such as changing bandages and other house chores. If you get help, it promotes quick healing because you will not be using energy quickly. Ensure that you confirm from your doctor all the necessities that you require to promote the healing process.

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