What Everyone Ought To Know About Anxiety-Related Disorders

anxiety-related disorders anxious mental health treatment

After an unexpected turn of events, you may experience intense feelings of fear and worry that seem to get worse by the day. Worry no more as your solution is here. Satyen Madkaiker, MD, FAPA, has a clinic that focuses on treating anxiety and related conditions. Dr. Madkaiker applies a long-standing twenty-year experience in guiding patients with anxiety in Jacksonville, Florida, towards a happier life through a personalized treatment regimen. 

Defining Anxiety 

In general terms, anxiety refers to a feeling of fear mainly considered a healthy human response to stress and stressful situations. If your anxiety messes with your life or lasts for over six months, it’s best to seek professional assistance to check for and manage your anxiety disorder. 

You need professional help to manage a severe emotional disorder like anxiety disorder. You may seek professional help for disorders like; 

·       Obsessive-compulsive disorder 
·       Post-traumatic disorder 
·       Separation anxiety disorder 
·       Social anxiety disorder 
·       Panic disorders 
·       Phobias 

Recent studies indicate that about eighteen percent of American adults have at least an anxiety disorder compared to eight percent of children and teenagers. Anxiety disorder conditions are more prevalent among women. 

Symptoms Of Anxiety 

Anxiety can affect men and women at all stages. Fortunately, anxiety symptoms vary from one person to the next. Your caregiver uses a holistic approach to address physical and emotional symptoms. 

Most patients report symptoms like; 

•  Nausea, sweating, and upset stomach 
•  Frequent urination or diarrhea 
•  Rapid breathing and heart rates 
•  Irrational worries and thoughts 
•  Irritability/ restlessness 
•  Problems initiating sleep 
•  Difficulty concentrating 
•  Headaches and fatigue 
•  Extreme fear and terror 
•  Twitches and tremors 

If left unchecked, your symptoms may get more severe and limit your relationships and life’s quality. 

Causes Of Anxiety 

A certified doctor needs to understand the root cause of the disorder to address its root causes. Genetic and environmental factors are among the most common causes of your anxiety disorder. 

Your anxiety disorder may be hereditary or linked to chronic conditions, traumatic events like death, abuse, accidents, or violence. 

In some cases, your anxiety disorder may be caused by medical conditions triggering anxiety symptoms like diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, and thyroid problems. 

Diagnosis Of Anxiety Disorders 

Dr. Madkaiker performs comprehensive evaluations through lab tests, physical examinations, and asking questions about family and personal medical history to determine the best approach. 

Treatment For Anxiety Disorders 

Dr. Madkaiker centers your treatment around the results from your diagnosis and physical tests. Your treatment may include; 

- Complimentary approaches like stress management and relaxation techniques 

- Medications like antianxiety and antidepressant medication 

- Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of psychotherapy 

An anxiety disorder may manifest alongside mental health conditions like eating disorders, depression, alcohol, and substance abuse. Dr. Madkaiker involves you through every stage to ensure that you receive comprehensive and high-quality care in a comfortable setting. 

Other Services Offered At Satyen Madkaiker, MD, FAPA 

•  Telepsychiatry 
•  Schizophrenia 
•  Bipolar disorder 
•  Suboxone 
•  Depression 
•  TMS therapy 

Satyen Madkaiker, MD, FAPA, welcomes new and subsequent patients seeking a specialized approach to the conditions highlighted above. Most importantly, if you or your loved ones are battling anxiety, reach out for immediate medical assistance from Dr. Madkaiker.

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