Diabetes Management Programs To Help You Live A Better Life

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Careful management of diabetes can help you avoid the extremes of the disease. With the right tools, medication, and schedules, you can have your blood sugars in check. You can achieve all that with Humble diabetes and obesity specialist, Juan Carlos Zubieta, MD, and his team who use digital report cards for tracking purposes to ensure you have the best treatment. 

Why Should You Have Your Diabetes Checked? 

Diabetes is a chronic issue that affects the way your body deals with sugars. Your body has a unique way of dealing with accumulated sugars. It produces insulin which controls the sugar levels to the acceptable points. However, when you have diabetes, your sugar levels shoot up without your insulin's help to regulate it. In such scenarios, you only have the option of state-of-the-art medications to deal with your diabetes. 

The major types of diabetes that can affect you include: 

·         Type 1 Diabetes  -  This condition refers to your pancreases' inability to produce adequate insulin levels that can regulate your sugar levels. 

·         Type 2 Diabetes  -  This type of diabetes connects with your eating. Having a sedentary lifestyle can also affect you when you have this type of diabetes. When you have little to no exercise and consume a significant amount of sugars beyond the recommended levels. 

This type of diabetes also comes up when your body cannot utilize insulin, making you unable to function properly due to the buildup of sugars. 

What Techniques Can Help Track Diabetes? 

North Houston Diabetes Institute has the right tools and techniques to help identify and take action as soon as your blood sugars exceed the normal levels. The center has in place digital report cards that help give the true picture of your sugar situation, giving you have the ability to capture negative variations that can pose deadly consequences. 

Digital report cards take little time, with assessments offered significantly fast at North Houston Diabetes Institute. In some cases, your assessment could take less than an hour with instant results. 

The report cards have two sections - red-colored and green-colored. These sections have a purpose, as the green side highlights your good health while the red part signifies that you need close monitoring and help bring down your blood sugar levels. 

Anytime you reach North Houston Diabetes Institute for diabetes help, you get assessments in the following: 

·         Eye functions 
·         Blood pressure monitoring 
·         Hemoglobin levels 
·         Hypoglycemia levels 
·         Kidney function 
·         Foot function 
·         Body mass index 

How Can Diabetes Management Help Deal With Your Diabetes? 

Diabetes management requires a lot from you. An active role will mean that none of your organs take a toll from an accumulation of blood glucose. You will get an individual set of instructions that will ensure you deal with your situation uniquely with your doctor's help. 

Control your blood sugar for a healthier life today with North Houston Diabetes Institute as a partner. Start your journey to a better you today by calling or booking your appointment online.

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