Why Choose Invisalign Instead Of Traditional Braces For Teeth Alignment

why choose invisalign vs braces teeth alignment straight smile

Do you have crooked teeth that interfere with eating? Are your teeth also interfering with the way you communicate with people? The best way to deal with such challenges is by having an Invisalign®, which straightens your teeth while allowing you to go on with your life. Roslyn Invisalign experts have the best solutions when it comes to straightening your teeth with an Invisalign. 

Why Is An Invisalign Helpful? 

Medical technologies advance every day. That is why you will find Invisalign more useful and preferable to traditional braces. However, traditional braces and Invisalign use a similar principle, which is to straighten your teeth. Traditional braces are metallic and go around the teeth. Invisalign, which is a more modern approach, uses plastics and covers your entire set of teeth, gradually shifting them to take a more acceptable alignment. 

One thing that sets apart the modern aligners is that they can easily be removed during brushing and eating. You can also take them out when you feel pressured and want to relax. However, you must have them on for up to 22 hours for full benefits. Therefore, every time you are not cleaning your teeth, you must have them on to hit the 22-hour requirement every day. 

How Does Invisalign Compare With Traditional Braces? 

Traditional braces have their advantages, as they are still present today. However, more modern methods are more efficient than traditional ones. Developers of Invisalign have made sure the tools work better than the previous ones in the following ways: 

· Discretion 

Discretion means that people can see your teeth even if you have an Invisalign on. Metallic braces block the teeth with a clear dark patch running across both sets of your teeth. With Invisalign, you can smile without any obstructive structures blocking your teeth. 

· Timing 

Invisalign has a faster effect when it comes to straightening your teeth. You can have them off in half the time taken with traditional braces. 

· Convenience 

Invisalign makes it possible for you to clean your teeth while still in therapy, as the structure can come off at any time. 

· Comfort 

Invisalign has soft material as the main constituent, meaning you will not experience scratches and scrubbing on the tongue and gums. Metallic braces often scratch the tongue during physical activities, an issue that can make teeth straightening therapy a nightmare. 

Why Go For Invisalign Instead Of Traditional Braces 

Invisalign is a top-class dental product. The technology around these structures took into account various dental issues, which it can help solve. The technology can help you deal with: 

·         Spaces in your teeth 
·         Misalignment 
·         Overcrowded teeth 
·         Rotated teeth 

However, before any session for placing the structures, you will need a thorough analysis. Advanced Digital Orthodontics has the right tools for making an analysis. Your dentist will create an impression of your mouth and create structures that fit your teeth. 

Straighter Smile

Straightening your teeth can have a toll on you, as the procedure takes many months. However, with the right braces, you can enjoy the process of a smart straight smile. Call Advanced Digital Orthodontics to have your Invisalign structures or book your spot online to initiate the process of having better teeth alignment.

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