Conditions Which Qualify For Dental Emergencies

emergency dental conditions

Not all your dental issues need urgent care. While there are those problems that you can wait until morning before you contact your dentist, other dental problems cannot wait and will result in tooth loss in case of delay. Various signs will indicate you have to seek urgent care to save your situation. An excruciating pain accompanying a lost tooth is a sign you need to contact your dentist immediately to identify the help you require. Advantage Dental Care is a general dentistry practice that offers high-quality dental services including emergency dental care in Springfield. The expert team provides various treatment options to ensure the condition that needs immediate attention does not cost you a tooth. 

What Dental Issues Will Your Dentist Qualify As Emergencies? 

Dental emergencies are common and they happen all the time. You will know your situation is urgent when it requires you to seek immediate medical attention to relieve you from pain or save your tooth. Usually, the condition could result in permanent damage or force you to go for a more complicated and costly procedure if you fail to contact your dentist for help. 

Dental issues that will force you to take an urgent trip to your dentist include: 

· Excruciating Pain 

Sometimes a toothache can be unbearable. You may tend to treat the pain with painkillers, not knowing whether your toothache could be associated with a nasal or ear issue. Contacting your dentist for help will enable the professional to alleviate the pain and identify the root cause. A proper diagnosis will give you the best treatment and eliminate complications. 

· Fractured Teeth 

Your dentist can save your natural teeth if you accidentally bump into a hard surface and chip or crack your teeth. 

· Foreign Object In Your Teeth

You are most likely to try getting out a foreign matter from your teeth, not knowing that it could aggravate your pain and damage your gums, forcing them to bleed. Your dentist knows how to remove the object without causing damage. 

· Bleeding

Bleeding is mostly associated with trauma in your gums. You should immediately seek professional help when bleeding persists after you have tried applying cold compression to the affected area. ·         Infections. Ignoring a seemingly minor dental problem could worsen and result in severe conditions that will require you to contact your dentist for emergency service. 

· Knocked-Out Tooth 

Contacting your doctor in good time can help save your tooth if it was forced out because of an impact. 

· Lost Crown Or Filling 

Apart from the pain, you will also feel embarrassed when you face your folks with a dental gap. 

How Do You Prevent Dental Emergencies? 

Your doctor will advise you to take care of your gums and teeth, and go for regular cleanings and check-ups to maintain your oral health. The dentist will check for signs of decay, infections, or loose fillings and crowns during the dental visits. Your dentist will devise a treatment plan to address them before they get severe to the point of requiring complex dental services in case of issues. 

Most people will fail to realize that a simple dental problem could become complicated over time if they fail to contact a professional dentist for help. While there are those dental issues that could wait for your dentist’s next appointment, there are those that cannot wait.

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