7 Space-Themed Home Décor Ideas

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Are you looking for an interesting home décor theme? If yes, then you can go with a space- themed décor idea for your home. It is a versatile, fun, and gender-neutral theme that leaves people in awe and astonishment about beautiful and amazing nature. 

Having space-themed home décor is well-thought because it gives your little one an idea of how marvelous space is. It transforms your home into a dynamic space with interesting art pieces and aesthetics. 

Whether you are inspired by the solar system or night sky, the following are mind-blowing space-themed home décor ideas: 

Start With The Accent Wall 

If you are short of budget but want to add space-themed accents, then an accent wall is the best option. You can decorate accent walls with realistic wall paintings of outer space or hand-made space design paintings. 

You can also hang art pieces of star patterns, space suits, etc. The accent wall is a focal point and defines the whole room. Once you are done with the accent wall then you can decide about other furnishings. 

You can look for different framed space pictures on different websites such as ElephantStock etc. These are not an affordable and easy way to add outer space elements to your home. 

Space-Themed Room Lighting 

When you imagine a space-themed décor, room lighting plays a major role. The dark blue color is best suited for this theme. It introduces a visual depth and energy into your home. Red-colored accents excite the home interiors more. 

To create a magnificent effect in your home, add LED-wall lighting. You can also install galaxy lamps to add special effects. Moon and star string lights are other options that add a celestial glow to your home with lights made of gold wire. 

Another unique option for space-themed lighting is the starry night pendant. When you hang the pendant, the cut-outs on this pendant look amazing. When you switch off the other lights leaving this pendant on, it will project stars in the whole room. 

Add A Wall Mural 

Decorate a room with a space mural by adding the astronaut and planets ornaments. The space art mural features the outer-space atmosphere and makes the room look cool and creative. 

The space-themed mural is painted with bold and vibrant colors and these colors create a cheerful and delightful atmosphere. The mural of space objects originates an imaginative sense in a person.

space-themed home decor ideas space age house decorations

These impressive murals make your home décor thrilling and inspiring. 

Space-Themed Room Furniture 

To accentuate space-themed home décor, add interesting furniture pieces. Think out of the box and decorate your room with some amazing items such as: 

Space Shuttle Bunk Bed For Bedroom: This astonishing Bunk Bed will make your little one’s mind creative and creates the deep space of imagination. This bed is a great idea for a kid who imagines exploring outer space. 

Space Shuttle Shaped Cupboard: The spaceship-shaped cupboard is absolutely a perfect furniture item for the kid’s room. It will make your kids feel like they are actually in a space center. 

Rocket Shaped Sleeping Lamp: The rocket-shaped sleeping lamp will take your kids up to the dreamland. This is a perfect choice for your kid's room, and it shows creativity to the kids. 

Solar System Magnetic Wall Clock 

Sometimes, you don’t look at wall clocks just because they are boring. But Solar system magnetic wall clock is an interesting piece to make your space-themed home look interesting. 

If you feel decorating the entire room is too exaggerated, then hang this unique wall clock on the wall. It depicts both the time and shows the planetary orbits without being overboard. 

Astronaut Bed Cover 

Are you passionate about outer space? If yes then you can get space-themed bed covers. Such as you can decorate your bed with an astronaut bed cover and matching pillows and duvet. 

You can purchase a cotton duvet set which includes a bed cover with astronaut suit print and pillow covers with helmet prints. These will surely match your theme bedroom. 

Another bedcover idea is the constellation bedcover and pillow with blue and white color constellation prints. This can make you feel like sleeping among the stars. 

Space-Themed Rugs And Mats 

A rug can create a huge impact on your room. If you feel the overall space-themed room a bit too much, then you should place a moon-shaped carpet in your room. 

It consists of different colors and the simplicity of this design can make a room look sophisticated. Another way to tell everyone about this theme in your home is the constellation doormat. 

Final Words On Space Age Home Decorating

Install everything that screams, “Space”. Decorate the room adding a personalized touch. You can also install ceiling lights and night glowing stars in the room to complete the setup. 

You might think about the space theme as a bit complicated, but it is practically interesting and doable. You can use brilliant and interesting space-themed decor ideas, and turn your dreams into reality as you explore the final frontier of home decorating.

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